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Discussion in 'Minecraft (Public)' started by Warbear.Prime, Oct 7, 2014.

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    Hi guys and gals, hopefully this won't breach any CoC but...

    I have a few servers of my own, and I am looking to open up to TOG.

    I have two (of four) servers running available:

    1) A 50 slot MC 1.8 Vanilla (it's for messing around with until I get the update mods ready for it, then it will be modded to match the 1.7.10 server(s) I run.

    2) A 100 slot 1.7.10 with a custom mod pack (no I don't, nor will I run a FTB server). This is an invite server only with a request. Anyone who wants to join in is welcome, but they are to contribute to the building of a complete city. Areas are being put aside for the city in the server, which will include a complete working living city (trains, markets, vendors, gaol, criminal system, farming and crafting support etc)

    If you are interested in playing on either of them, please PM me here and we can talk. These are permanent servers running on a domain, include a TS server to join in with NON TOG contributors, with each server allocated 8GB RAM, on a 50MB pipe hosted in a fibre only data centre.

    These are FREE for everyone. They are part of a project I have for running Minecraft Boot Camps to show how it can be used in Education. I will PM details to anyone interested.


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