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    Glasgow, Scotland
    Hi everyone,

    I'm Mark, 28 and from just outside Glasgow, Scotland. I'd like to be a part of TOG as since I have been looking, it seems a really good group of people here that I would love to be a part of.

    Up until recently, I've mostly been playing Star Trek Online. A good game, but it is time for me to branch out. Recently got my first Xbox One, so looking to add gamer friends there, other than the pity invite from my best friend, haha.

    My gaming history, goes way back to my first Sega Saturn, then pretty much most consoles since then. I'm very much though what you would call a "casual gamer". As of writing this, I get Star Wars Battlefront for my Xbox tomorrow and very much looking forward to my first "big" game.

    A little point of interest, I am currently a co-host on the Star Trek Online podcast, Priority One. The geek runs deep within me.

    Anyway, many thanks for reading this!


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