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    Hello! Hoping this is the right place to post this, but it said "other games" so I guess its!

    Im looking for people to start or for a league to join in NHL 19 or the up coming NHL 20.
    Played in a online league once before back in NHL 14. It was so much fun! Back then the league was on a community forum with a round robin kind of format as season format then X amount of players made it to the playoffs, how many rounds depending on the amount of total teams making it obviously. We did a playthrough season wich was played that you had one opponent choosed to you each gameweek, you talked to that person, posted date and time you both agreed upon, played the game, posted stats from that game. Goals, Shots, penalties etc. Some guy took those stats into the league stats and also playoff stats.

    What im looking for is something similiar to what ive posted above OR im also intrested in getting a few guys together to play EASHL or pro clubs if you played FIFA. It lets you create and control only your own character, in NHL 19 I think there is 3v3 or 5v5 mode, probably 6v6 but not 100% sure. BUT the most fun thing would to have an league of atleast 10 players (if lucky) to get an league going.

    My PSN is QuiN-TriX PM me there or here, why not both if you got intrest in an online NHL league wich copuld expand from NHL 19 into NHL 20.

    Thank you!

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