Nvidia issues with BFBC2 - flickering & framerate

Discussion in 'Battlefield (Public)' started by RobertP, Mar 11, 2016.

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    Running a GTX-770 under Win7 Home premium, Core2 Quad Q9550 with a mild oc, PNY SSD, 4 gigs ram. Going back x-number of driver revisions, I started having two distinct issues on BFBC2. One was that after playing one round, going into a second round the frame rate dropped to nothing. With another driver revision, at some point the screen would flicker, like an old silent movie but much worse. Either of these issues only happen with BFBC2. Can play BF3/4 or MoH Warfighter with no such issue.

    I've been updating drivers, but it's worse than ever with 361.91, I've rolled back to 361.43 and the flickering issue seems to have abated. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    I am not sure on this one mate, but if you are a full tog member, post down in our lab section. There are a few tech savvy people who might be able to help out there.

    Best of luck!

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