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    MH 1.03

    New Hero: Silver Surfer

    The Herald of Galactus himself has come to Marvel Heroes! Use the power cosmic to tear holes in reality, fire powerful beams, and surf through enemies, leaving cosmic destruction in your wake!

    Event: Return of the Cakes!

    For our second-last week of Anniversary month, the Cake is back!

    Cake slices will again drop in all areas of the game, and a daily gift of 5 along with with 5 Eternity Splinters will be granted.

    Items and Crafting

    Birthday Cakes will drop fewer Day Runes, but will now drop an Omega Point and more random items.

    We made improvements to the Legendary item, M’Kraan Crystal. This item now gives 200 Spirit, 1000 Health, 500 Damage Rating, 500 Critical Rating, and has a special proc at rank 5.

    Shared Quest boxes now have a chance to drop Unstable Molecules and Retcon Devices.

    Any Fortune Card Mark 4 received from Friday onwards will no longer contain “boons”. Existing boons and existing Fortune Cards Mark 4 are not affected in any way. We'll probably introduce a modified version of boons someday in the future that have a limit to the number of players affected to prevent "boon parties" from overloading public zones.

    The Eternity Splinter cost of Retcon Devices has been reduced from 125 to 65.

    Omega System

    New feature: Shift-Clicking the + button on the Omega system interface increases your ranks in that power by 10 instead of 1.

    Human Augmentation: Hyde Formula: Max ranks is now 20.

    Human Augmentation: Forever Compound: Cost changed to scaling 5+1 per rank

    Neural Enhancement: “Limitless” NZT buffs are now only visible to and consumable by the player that created them

    A full respec for Omega System will be provided next week (and one the week after that).
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    Mini Update

    This week's patch is coming in a couple of days. Exact time is TBD.

    It will include:

    Storm's Level 52 Review

    Beta Ray Bill Team-Up

    The next encounter in the raid (and polish / tuning for existing encounters)

    All the bug fixes we could find and address since last patch.

    A little "End of Anniversary Month" event that we're hosting to celebrate how much we enjoy the game and everyone involved with it.
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    Marvel Heroes 2015 1.04 Patch Notes

    The End of the Anniversary event is here!

    As a special thanks to the amazing Marvel Heroes players, the team has gone all out creating the most epic event yet. It will run Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and including some of the most requested events from a full year of Marvel Heroes and some brand new concepts.

    Check out @Doomsaw’s thread for all of the details on the EPIC 12 EVENT!

    Storm’s level 52 design review is complete and ready for action!

    The level 52 design review focused on new animations, new visual effects, new sound and several new powers, including a new signature power.

    All Storm players have received a free respec and may assign power points in whichever manner they choose.

    Beta Ray Bill is ready for battle and available in the G Shop.

    Players who are using the Beta Ray Bill costume will summon the mighty Thor when they activate the Team-Up.

    Omega System points have been reset for all players once again.

    The Omega System will feature point resets for two more weeks.

    New Mission Log - The mission log has been expanded in width and readability - we will be filling this out with more information in future patches.

    Added confirmation dialog's for Guild Leave and Guild Kick options so players can't misclick by accident.

    Shift + Right-Click now moves items to and from the S.T.A.S.H. when Crafting

    Surtur, the Monarch of Muspelheim and ancient enemy of Asgard is now available to be challenged by the bravest heroes.

    Loki's Jotun passive now triggers whenever Loki strikes a chilled enemy, and affects nearby teammates (rather than requiring teammates to strike a chilled enemy themselves.)

    Human Torch's Thermal Intensity passive now triggers whenever Torch strikes a burning enemy, and affects nearby teammates (rather than requiring teammates to strike a burning enemy themselves.)

    Hawkeye’s Ultimate Power now fully deals physical damage with all components.

    Increased drop rate of Team Insignias from all enemies.

    Unstable Molecules, Retcon Devices and Fortune Card drop rate increased in Terminals, X-Defense, Holo-Sim, Midtown and story mode bosses. A full review was complete to ensure all new and existing mobs have them set up.

    Medkits can now be used while holding Shift!

    Cosmic bosses have a slightly higher chance of dropping Cosmic Medallions.

    Various client and server performance improvements have been added in this patch in order to prepare for this weekend’s event and future gameplay.

    Silver Silver’s uniques can now correctly be sold to the vendor.

    Silver Surfer will now still be able to phase through other entities when he is defeated.

    Silver Surfer's Board Dash will now have its cost reduced by the Energy Projection attribute.

    Jean Grey's Ultimate will now restore 100% of her Phoenix Force instead of only up to 100,

    Obelisks in the Monolith Raid no longer block teleport/flying powers.

    Silver Surfer’s Silver Savage costume will now correctly show it’s 2D art.

    Neptune’s Trident will now properly give Damage Rating and Critical Rating after a region change.

    Gambit’s Ragin' Cajun's cooldown may now only be reduced once per second instead of twice per second, but will now be reduced on both critical hits and brutal strikes.

    Invisible Woman is now able to lift heavy objects like cars regardless of her current strength stat, (like Jean Grey, Storm, Psylocke, etc.)

    Improved Taskmaster’s Web Swing so that he can change elevations easier and should become stuck much less. Additionally, floating damage numbers will now correctly display for this power.

    Odin Marks and Omega Points should no longer land in places that cannot be easily walked into.

    Cable’s synergy will now properly display both bonuses to your crit %.

    Spider-Man and Thing's Ultimate powers will now correctly deal damage to Raid

    Loki's Mind Control no longer stacks with itself when cast on the same target.bosses.

    X-Defense boss counter will now correctly reset immediately.

    Gambit's Grand Slam will now correctly implement bug fixes that didn't quite make last week's patch.

    He will now release his charge-up spinning staff attack as soon as the bar is full, rather than continue charging in place. Spirit will no longer be drained during his charge-up.

    In addition, damage has been increased in the Energy slam phase while decreased in the Physical twirling phase to maintain this power's role as his melee AoE power. The spirit cost has been increased from 25 to 30 per activation.

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    Jul 9, 2008
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    Rocket Raccoon

    Mechfall’s missile attack has the cooldown removed.

    Mechfall’s missile attack now does bonus damage to elite targets.

    All Mech powers are now tagged as both Summon and Gun powers, since it's essentially a giant Summoned Walking Gun. All Rocket Raccoon builds will see a damage increase.


    Improved the animation interrupt window of Star-Lord’s Elemental Blast powers in order to increase responsiveness.

    Iron Man

    (Doomsaw Edit - the previous patch note on this was written terribly, so let me clear it up:)

    Death From Above had the incorrect tuning flags from last week's Iron Man level 52 review (people tend to not report the favorable tuning tags....). This happens frequently when many powers change.

    The tuning tags are now set correctly, as all powers must be. This, of course, is a "nerf" to the damage from the previous bugged tuning numbers, which all Iron Man players will obviously realize.

    As a small change designers have changed the default cooldown of the power to 4 seconds and allowed the cooldown and damage to be increased while Adaptive Armor is on (to 8 seconds and +100% damage).

    Tuning tags are not subjective, they are applied to the same to every hero in the game. So, as much as it sucks to have an OP power fixed to be the same tuning as everything else in the game, there is no option. Sometimes tuning fixes increase damage, sometimes they don't.

    Having said that, after this review, a skilled Iron Man player is pretty insanely powerful from all reports from experienced players, so let's keep things in perspective.


    A few bug fixes made it into this patch and a few more may make the final build. All reported bugs are in the tracking system and will be resolved this week or next week.

    Rocket Raccoon - Assault Specialization will no longer cause Rocket to lose stealth after firing M78 Plasma Launcher.

    Spider-Man's Ultimate now gains bonuses from melee damage rating instead of ranged damage rating.

    Ghost Rider - Dread now obeys normal CC rules and can no longer permanently chain CC enemies.

    The Doombot Flyers in X-Defense and the Dr. Doom boss fight have a performance and efficiency upgrade. Encounters involving many of these flyers will now cause less performance issues on lower-end machines.

    Fixed an issue where Durability would sometimes give an extra health per second.

    Fixed an issue where upgrading to Cosmic Insignias when using an unbound insignia with specific affixes would not upgrade that affix. (Six people were affected by this and will be contacted individually by customer service, no tickets are required since we have all the detailed logs).

    Fixed an issue where the Monolith Mini boss on the Surtur fight was enraging very quickly. This is now fixed, and the Monolith has a 4 minute enrage timer (previously it was 3 minutes)

    Fixed an issue where Iron Man would fail to animate while wearing the Nightclub costume.

    The Unbind Insignia crafting recipe will now function as intended.
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    We have a huge amount of stuff in development right now, including several new content pieces, two new game modes, several, quality of life changes and bug fixes, new UI features, new heroes, team-ups, level 52 reviews, costume tweaks, new costumes, and more. I'll try to write a little blog about it this weekend.

    Have a great weekend. Message me if you want to chat about anything!
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    Event: Odin’s Bounty Loot Rotation

    We’ll be running an Odin’s Bounty Loot Rotation starting tomorrow afternoon! Details to come!
    New Hero: Winter Soldier

    Though most of the intelligence agency doesn’t even believe he exists, The Winter Soldier has joined the Marvel Heroes 2015 roster! Voiced by the iconic David Hayter, Bucky Barnes is locked and loaded with a deadly arsenal, his powerful bionic arm, and tactical espionage skills that allow him to get in, take down the target, and get out!
    Captain America Design Review

    The Sentinel of Liberty himself, Captain America has received a design review! With this review, the design team focused on improving Cap’s damage, mechanics and general feel. This is not a full update or rework such as a 52 review, but simply a pass on all of his mechanics and a few new powers (with some being reworked).

    Here are the changes:

    Power Condensation & Master of Team Buffs

    All three of Captain's toggled Shout powers are being migrated into his passives. Much like Cyclops, Captain America is an iconic team leader, and as such, provides permanent benefits to his team. Additionally, his Patriotic Challenge power is being merged into a passive/active, reducing his total passive point necessity.

    Signature Improvement

    Finest Hour is gaining the former animation from Airborne Assault, along with its large AoE damage packet. The cooldown is reduced to 28 seconds, but the spirit restoration and personal buffs will be remaining. The Team Buffs are no longer applied, since Cap always applies them via passives. To still represent Cap's inspiring battle cry, Finest Hour now resurrects up to one fallen ally.

    Cleaner Cooldown Mechanics - Super Soldier Serum

    Cap players currently find themselves watching their power bar a bit too often to watch for those cooldown reduction procs, which is hindering some of his gameplay. We're altering his cooldown reduction mechanics to not require bar-watching, and allow a power rotation to be smooth and simple. To do this, we've revived and reconstructed Captain's secondary resource, now called Super Soldier Serum. Here's the rundown:

    Serum is a bar of 10 pips, and is gained through various methods, including Blocking and attacking with certain powers.

    Shield Bash and Torqued Shield Throw's base cooldown are being increased to match Airborne Assault (and are gaining increased damage accordingly). When any of these powers are activated, if any Serum is available, one pip will be consumed to cut the cooldown in half, down to 4 seconds. All existing cooldown reduction mechanics will be removed in favor of this method.

    Better Defensive Profile

    Combat Prowess is being re-themed as Super Soldier Stamina, gaining increased health and health regeneration.

    Additionally, the active of Indestructible Shield is going all the way to 100% mitigation for the duration, by way of blocking all incoming attacks.

    Better Offensive Profile

    In addition to getting a powerful Signature, Cap's Shield Expertise is gaining some new mechanics to bump up his outgoing damage capabilities, and provide new customization options for players who want to enhance their base shield throws.

    Passively, Shield Expertise increases the damage of cooldown powers by 5%. This effect increases another 5% when he uses a cooldown power, stacking up to 4 times.

    Shield Expertise offers a toggle, which when toggled off, adds a bleed effect to Shield Bounce and Shield Toss. While toggled on, instead, these two powers gain significantly increased damage, and have 8 second cooldowns (and are reduced with Serum pips like his other cooldowns)

    New Travel Power: On Your Left

    Based on Captain America:The Winter Soldier, Cap now features a sprint that allows him to cover long distances over a short period of time. Great for traversing Midtown and similarly large zones without having to constantly dash!

    Other Changes

    Cap's passives have received an overhaul.

    Athletic Leap and Stunning Backflip are migrating into the Super Soldier tree, emphasizing that tree's identity as Steve's incredible stamina and agility as a result of his Serum.

    Shield Strike is being altered to a single target spirit spender alternative to Vibranium Bash, and will increase Cap's block chance by an extra 8% on hit and grant bonus Serum when attacks are blocked for a brief duration.

    Meteor Kick is an entirely new power in the Living Legend tree - this power grants 5 Serum when used without any Serum available, but when used at or above 5 Serum it deals double damage and gains an Execute bonus.

    Shield Bash no longer has the Execute bonus, instead gaining bonus damage based on your Defense rating.

    Airborne Assault will consume an additional 4 pips of Serum if available to deal double damage.

    Avengers Assemble now grants the Empowered team buff, and deals entirely Physical damage.

    Captain America’s items have also been reviewed as well.
    Mr. Fantastic Change

    All component’s of Mr. Fantastic’s Ultimate attack now deal Physical damage.
    X-23 Changes

    Bleed effects have been restructured to no longer require points in Cleaving Claws. Each source of bleed now fuels its own damage with ranks in its own power. Bleed effects still stack up to 3 times with any application methods, which are now referred to as 'Grievous Wounds' effects.

    Dancing Blades has been altered to move directly behind a target if you have a target under your mouse cursor, and now allows the hotkey to be held for repeat activations. This will allow the power to be smoother to use against single targets, while keeping its functionality similar when used with no target under the mouse cursor

    Lethal and Cleaving Claws now both restore 75 Wrath per hit.

    Capoeira Wrath cost reduced to 50.

    Rogue's version of Crimson Sweep now applies Vulnerability, to more accurately mimic X-23's.
    Twirling Lunge now restores all of its base Wrath cost if you hit an enemy.

    Heart of a Beast now revives X-23 if she would be defeated.
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    Midtown Retrofit

    Midtown Manhattan Patrol has been retrofitted!

    In addition to new tech which should provide more stable performance in Midtown Manhattan Patrol, there are now new discoveries, new versions of boss waves, and even super villain reinforcements such as Man-Ape and Mole Man! Check it out!
    A-Sync Loading

    We have made significant changes to how your client loads the game! You may see other players ‘pop’ into view more slowly, but rest assured - this is intended! Similar to other large scale games, we now load each character one at a time rather than all at once, giving your machine a chance to catch up to the action and prevent load hitching!
    Item Changes

    Not Droppable

    Many very rare items have been marked with a new tag: not droppable. These items cannot be dropped on the ground in any case (trying to do so will destroy them), but can be traded as per usual via the Trade menu.
    Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where receiving a Spider-Man Team-Up as a gift would erroneously reward a second token that did nothing.

    Fixed an issue where the Firestar Team-Up Hero would have two different Eternity Splinter prices depending on where you purchased her.

    Herald of Dread (from Industry City Patrol) no longer drops the incorrect boss-specific artifact.

    The Dum-Dum Dugan Insignia can now correctly be used in crafting recipes.

    Black Panther's Vibranium Trap is no longer targetable and will no longer unintentionally get attacked by enemies.

    Adjusted some of Wiccan’s remaining pink VFX to be blue.

    Fixed an issue that caused Legendary items to draw their XP bar past the edge of the item tooltip when at maximum rank.
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    Marvel Heroes 2015 1.36 Patch Notes

    Event: Cosmic Event Returns

    Cosmic Bosses Drop Double Loot - All cosmic Terminal bosses, every time.

    Cosmic Questions Answered - 42% server-side multiplicative boost to Rare Item Find, Special Item Find and Experience for all your heroes.

    Cosmic Prestige Doubled - Doubled leveling rate for Cosmic Prestige during Cosmic Chaos week.

    Cosmic Chaos Supplier: Moondragon - An honorary member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and daughter of Drax the Destroyer, Moondragon is no stranger to cosmic chaos. During the Cosmic Chaos event, Moondragon will exchange Cosmic Worldstones for a variety of items, including a gifted (bound to your account) Doop rune that can be purchased for 500 Cosmic Worldstones.

    The Doop rune has an increased chance of dropping from all Doops during the Cosmic Chaos event.
    Hero Changes

    Winter Soldier

    Withering Fire now has a base cooldown of 1 second. The Arsenal build no longer gains a damage rating buff after use (this damage rating has been migrated to Expanded Arsenal). The Bionic effect now increases the cooldown to 6 seconds, and increases the damage significantly against close targets.

    Expanded Arsenal's bonus damage rating to Firearms powers after striking with a Brutal Combatant power has been significantly increased.

    Underslung Grenade Launcher now has an Arsenal effect that lights targets hit on fire with an incendiary payload, dealing damage over time for 8 seconds.

    Explosive Sabotage's Arsenal effect has been migrated into the base power's effects.

    Concealed Combat now grants healing whenever Winter Soldier is in stealth.

    Unseen Death and Dispatch now deal +150% damage instead of +100% damage with their respective passives. Their "Execute" affix has been modified to deal 50% bonus damage while the target is below 50% health, and each power's base damage has been increased.

    Dispatch's range slightly increased to match Bionic Haymaker. Both powers now hit in the exact same area.

    Suppressing Fire now slows enemies for 5s after you stop channeling.

    Relentless Pursuit now restores 3 Spirit when you critically hit or brutally strike.

    Magnetic Disc Mine's Arsenal effect no longer resets the cooldown of Withering Fire
    Bug Fixes

    Squirrel Girl's Tippy Toe pet (from Tippy Toe's Itty Bitty Bow Unique) now deals about 11 times more damage to restore it to previous pre-damage rework values

    Winter Soldier’s Unseen Death and Underslung Grenade were missing the Firearms keyword, which is now corrected.

    Winter Soldier’s Bionic Combat's 10% damage negation was sometimes not firing, which is now corrected to always activate after using a Brutal Combatant power.

    The Marvel Heroes 2015 client will now detect which language you have selected for your launcher on startup and choose that same language.

    Cyclops’ Signature Power can no longer deal more damage by ‘wiggling’ against enemies.

    Various Spanish typos and formatting issues fixed.

    Mr. Fantastic’s Slot 2 Unique should now correctly summon Invisible Woman in her All New Marvel Now costume while Reed is wearing his.

    Fixed some cases where the camera could ‘detach’ while using Nova’s Cosmic Combo and Nightcrawler’s Brimstone Beatdown. This is less common now, but still occuring.

    Fixed an issue where too long of a message could cause a Gift not to send.

    Emma Frost's Psychic Domination can no longer be used to control the Purifier Deacon's cross... since it isn't sentient.

    Star-Lord’s Strafe has had its Starship keyword replaced.
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    1.37 Patch Notes

    Event: Operation Omega (And Some Cosmic Chaos)

    The Omega Event has returned once again!

    During Operation Omega, the first time you complete a Shared Quest each day will reward double Omega Orb rewards as wel as Omega Files.

    Omega Level Buffs!: XP, RIF, and SIF increase by 24% every day.

    Omega leveling is 24% faster during Operation Omega. This works well with the Omega-Level buffs to experience.

    Agent Coulson offers a mission during Operation Omega week. Each day, you can complete five or more waves in the S.H.I.E.L.D.
    Holo-Sim to receive a reward from him. This will help hone your skills to be prepared for Omega-Level threats.

    During the event, any enemy can drop a powerful artifact called The Omega Drive.


    During Operation Omega, players can earn up to 100 Omega Access Files each day. Omega Access files are not random drops, they may be specifically earned:

    10 Omega Access Files for logging in each day.

    30 Omega Access Files for completing Coulson’s training mission each day.

    60 Omega Access Files for completing the Shared Quests each day. (20 each)

    The Cosmic Event is going to continue through the weekend until 3/1 at Midnight PST, at which point Midtown Madness Monday will begin. The Omega event will continue until the next patch.
    Bug Fixes

    Various issues with A-Sync loading have been fixed. This should result in a better experience moving through the world and loading the game in general. Please let us know how it feels.

    Fixed an issue where Emma Frost's Diamond Form was not granting the intended Defense or Physical Damage to Melee Attackers.

    Fixed an issue where Cap's "On Your Left" power did not scale spirit cost with additional points.

    Arachne is now on the Eternity Splinter vendor (as intended).

    Arachne is no longer hidden in the roster if you do not own her.
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