Pledge prices to Increase and Noble titles being phazed out.

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    as always if you wish to support my work for COE & TOG please use my friend code 7D368F please use this when signings up for account

    Ok guys SBS has announced that they will be increasing the pledge costs and reducing pledge rewards as of 8th of November. below is a listing of old and new price changes no one knows the difference in rewards at this stage.
    • Elyrian increases by $5 (from $40 to $45)
    • Pioneer increases by $5 (from $70 to $75)
    • Founder increases by $5 (from $100 to $105)
    • Bloodline increases by $10 (from $125 to $135)
    • Settler increases by $10 (from $175 to $185)
    • Proprietor increases by $10 (from $225 to $235)
    • Mayor increases by $50 (from $250 to $300)
    • Magistrate increases by $50 (from $500 to $550)
    • Governor increases by $50 (from $750 to $800)
    on 30th of November Noble titles (Count and above) will be removed from the store. this means any one wanting to be a Count of Duke in COE will need to do it by 30th November of will need to work there way up to a count ingame.

    To help people get in before these pledges increase or disappear they bringing back Lay way (think of it as Lay-buy)
    what this means if you dont have the full amount to buy the pledge you can put a down payment and pay it off by deadline. ***ALL LAY-WAY MUST BE PAID BY MAY***

    one interesting thing they are doing is bringing in a La cart that allows you to buy certain things that are normal part of different pledges. below is a example list. no one knows there prices but they will make getting a pledge more value for money.
    • A backpack
    • A wagon
    • A collection of trail rations
    • A set of merchant scales
    • A detailed map of your home county
    • A detailed map of your home duchy
    • A map of an historical, possibly unexplored location
    • Random treasure maps
    • Your choice from 1-of-5 different in-game pets to call your own
    • A pack mule to ride and haul your gear
    • A Horse and saddlebags
    • A purebred horse for breeding or travelling
    • An Ursaphant mount
    • An armored War Trison
    • Custom Surname
    • Configure a Coat of Arms for your family
    • Gain access to expanded colors
    • Gain access to expanded sigils
    • Gain access to expanded crests

    this means if u did not want to be a gentry but wanted a last name you can get it. or or say you just wanted the basic pledge but wanted to head out with a pure bred horse so you can stud him out to earn money and ride him from town to town for more clients.

    the idea is to allow you to customise your pledge.

    for a full list of the changes here is the news post

    once again if you wish to support my work for COE & TOG please use my friend code 7D368F please use this when signings up for account

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