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    With the introduction of masters to the game, players can now do a number of pretty nifty things:

    • Have a personal space
    • Decorate it to your hearts desire
    • Have a personal waypoint/stash and the masters are vendors
    • Obtain special deals as you level up your masters
    • Craft additional mods on to items
    • Have a personal map device with a free quality boost

    You will first encounter masters randomly in the wild (although they will never be the entry area to each zone, so the one map area prior to the various camps), and they give quests. Complete one quest, and they will inform you that they will meet you in town. Get to lvl 3 and they will provide you the opportunity to create your own hideout.

    Note that this hideout is in Normal difficulty, so if you directly WP from your hideout without selecting a higher difficulty, you will always be in normal. ;)

    The masters, per area, are (note: the linked pages provide exhaustive detail on the masters, this is just a cliff notes version ; ):

    Lionseye Watch

    Haku, Armourmaster - Path of Exile Wiki
    Elreon, Loremaster - Path of Exile Wiki

    Forest Encampment

    Tora, Master of the Hunt - Path of Exile Wiki
    Catarina, Master of the Dead - Path of Exile Wiki

    Sarn Encampment

    Vagan, Weaponmaster - Path of Exile Wiki
    Vorici, Master Assassin - Path of Exile Wiki
    Zana, Master Cartographer - Path of Exile Wiki

    All masters barring Zana can be found in any difficulty. Zana, being a map based master, can only be found in maps. You can also farm their quests in lower difficulty areas to make the quests easier to handle.

    Their specialities are:

    Haku - Any armour item or shield
    Vagan - Weapons - physical mods
    Catarina - Wands/Staves/scepters- magic mods
    Elreon - Rings/amulets
    Vorici - Sockets (number and colour), links
    Tora - Bows and quivers
    Zana - maps

    Beyond a hide out, masters offer:
    • A crafting table of their type
    • A number of items for purchase including 3 gems and a signature item (get's better as they level up)
    • If they are in your hideout, they offer a daily quest.

    All daily quests are done at the masters level barring Zana's maps which scale off the character (you need to be ~66 to consider serious mapping anyway). So while you might be 65, your level 3 Vorici might still send you to cruel difficulty missions.


    First things first, you need to meet them all in the wild. All but Zana are easy enough to find by running through norm difficulty at high speed keeping an eye out for em. For Zana, the easiest method is to run through lvl 66 maps (for max speed) until you meet her. They are the cheapest maps and you can clear them pretty fast.

    Once you've met the masters, go to their town and talk to them again. Do a few more quests for them in the wild (the town ones won't give quests), and hit level 3 and they will offer to create a hideout for you. On creation, they will gift you with a crafting table which is added to your hideout stash (you can place things from the stash in to the hideout and rotate/move them to your hearts desire).

    You are capped at 2 masters until lvl 6 (where you can have 3) and 8 (where you can have 4). To get all their craft tables, you can dismiss one of your existing masters to make room, but you will lose all XP gained on them from the previous level.

    eg. You have Vagan at lvl 3 + 35% XP to the next level. You dismiss him, he reverts to Lvl 3 + 0% XP. This includes any XP gained on them while they are still in the various camps, so only dismiss a master when it has leveled to minimise the lost XP. Best scenario is get them all to lvl 3 asap then cycle them through to get all the craft tables. Once you have the tables, invite the two masters you favour most because then you can do their daily missions for extra XP.

    Tables will continue to improve even if the master is in town and leveling up from quests obtained in the wild.

    Daily quest chains:

    If you group up with people and allow them in to your hideout, they can participate in your daily quest and get full XP from completing it. With 6 people, this improves your daily XP gained by 6x (assuming you complete the mission successfully). This is far more efficient than randomly searching maps.

    This FAQ has some other hand info.


    Good hunting! ; )
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