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    Hmm interesting topic came up about how if a big guild with a few hundred players started in some counts county they could up and leave and strip his county of all its work force army and farmers...

    now considering this game will have alot of random people jumping in all over the place this is planed for to a certain extant that adventures will come in to your town then walk off never to return again. the game should allow for a little of this sort of stuff by the fact it is so large and the population is spread out so far.

    here are some numbers to think about

    Hamlet: 3 Parcels; 10 people; Well
    Village: 9 Parcels; 25 people; Tavern
    Town: 25 parcels; 75 people; Town Hall
    City: 49 parcels; 150 people; Courthouse
    Capital: 81 parcels; 250 people; Monument

    each county should have 1 capital and maybe 1 or 2 towns... maybe a city and a town so say about 400-550 average per county. now look at a mayor with a normal town of 75 if he lucky a city of 150...

    now say a guild from eve drops in with 300 players in a counts lands.. then decides to move to another county.... that count is screwed.. now say group of 60 spawns in 1 town... well that town is also screwed. we expect they will balance it out by making adult npcs that cant be picked but still that is a big displacement of people.

    so what we may have to do is set hard limits of people who spawn out of a capital, city or town so we dont get swamped with players from tog. if we get alot of players then that makes me very very happy and the way i see we can work around this is to just spawn in a town near the others.

    so using the the following thread for tog communities
    COE Tog designated kingdoms/start locations

    each of the reference points may make a thread latter for those who are coming to join there server. those planng to join should post there intent then if there is more then the set number a refrence point has set then u need to post you will join but a near by town then come to them.

    Myself i will have a double town so i can handle about 80 togers at the start i can take on more latter when i become count. then there will be the other towns in the county which should be able to handle about 40 togers and the captal that should be able to handle 150 togers so with displacement we should be able to take in about 230-270 with displacement.

    this may seem unimportant but i been on the reserving end of only expecting 40 togers and getting 160...

    love to have you all but cant afford to loses the towns vital functions hahaha.

    we will know more hard numbers after next months domain selection at which point each player will know how many towns in his county and what sizes they have to deal with.

    it is a very interesting set of issues that COE has given us but like they said it just means another trouble space we need to work on a solution too.. who said we could not play the game before it was out hahaha
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