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Discussion in 'Console Talk (Public)' started by Chief, Jun 25, 2009.

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    What are people's thoughts on trading PSN games? A mate of mine just did this with me so I could get the Uncharted 2 beta.

    For those who don't know, you get a person to create a seperate user account, then you give them your PSN login, they go to the store and download any games or DLC you've previously purchased. They'll then have them to play on their own account for as long as they keep that extra user account they created. You can change your password before/afterwards too, so they can't log back in and the games will still work.

    Apparently this works for almost all games, including the full AAA titles like Burnout Paradise.

    Also, I could probably get him to share the details of the Uncharted 2 Beta account with you folks, if anyone's interested :)
  2. Ancient_One

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    People do it but I'm not so sure on the legality of it.

    Buying games through PSN which allows 5 downloads then allowing others to download, sharing the cost of the purchase. ie. 5 way split.

    Great idea but not sure mate.
  3. Pure Mongrel

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    My biggest worry would be the fact that credit card details would be come vulnerable to "miss use".

    It is not even so much that your own details would be accessible, but that by having access to other peoples accounts you leave yourself open to accusations of miss use.

    Not a situation I would recommend anyone to put themselves in, even if they knew the other person real well, it is just not worth the potential heart ache.

    Also I doubt it would be something TOG would want to be associated with due to the issues it could leave itself open to as well.

    Nice idea at heart, but a potential minefield in practice I fear.

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