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    I apologize if I joined in error, however I just am not seeing much if any activity for TOG under consoles. Especially for NA Timezones. I play PC games on steam, however have zero people there I play with and joined TOG hoping to find people for that or even more so for the great XBOX ONE games coming that would be soooo much better with a small group or a partner watching your back. Is there actually any active players for console??? Is the player base for TOG pretty much mostly Aussie time zones?? I am NOT talking bad about Aussies, I personally LOVE them (especially the Sheilas) I am just trying to find out if I am in the right place to find like minded mature gamers or should I keep looking elsewhere for maybe a Eastern US Timezone group???

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    I'm sure there are many of us who have consoles and would welcome some (mature) friends to play and enjoy ourselves with, but maybe, like myself, feel like you need to actually start playing with people to feel like a TOG member even if you have some on your friends list. I've been there and have had that experience (on PC) but have lost it since i haven't played for almost 2 years and feel like i'm starting back at the beginning. Keep on board i say - not sure what else to suggest to be honest.

    We're right at the end (or close to the start) of the console cycle, so there are bound to be less people around right now other than those (like me!) suffering from nostalgia sickness or catching up before obsolescence hits.

    I know there are US members on here and an hour or two time-difference should make little difference, but the ping improvements that come with increased internet quality make playing with Aussies who are on at all hours an option.

    You know we're the better gamers anyway... :p
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    There is a site called To Old To Play/2old2play I cant remember!! which are based in the US you could give them ago and I think there is an affiliation with TOG too.

    I play sometimes during daylight hours US night time hours, because I work shift work. :-( I am getting the One when released so hope to see you on line :)
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