Returning PS2 player needs group lol

Discussion in 'Planetside 2 (Public)' started by Paladriaan, Sep 10, 2016.

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    hiya guys, im a big fan of tactical gameplay and been playing DayZ some time ago with the dayz side of TOG.. However i have had a lot of personal stuff going on and kind of neglected dayZ just to find out i cant even run the game anymore due to many many issues with the new engine etc.
    so I decided to get back in to planetside 2.
    As mentioned earlier i enjoy tactical gameplay (even tho i can be a bit kamikaze at times xD)
    I have been a member of a group before but they are no longer active so thought there would be a TOG side to this :)
    Are there and is there a active group that plays PS2 and if there is, can i join?
    I have TS, skype and concord!

    i "think" i have a lvl 22 "red" guy? xD
    A lot has changed and will require a lot of help lol
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    Man I need to check this forum daily, I keep forgetting it is here... my apologies :(

    For what it is worth check out our private forums and yeah you can join, just not very active at this point.
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