Revamped MMO launches - ArcheAge Unchained

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    If you were one of the hundreds of TOGs who played XL Games' sandpark MMORPG, ArcheAge, when it launched in 2014 - or if you're just interested in what's happening in the industry - you might like to take a look at

    >>>this info <<<

    about Gamigo's revamped version of ArcheAge, 'ArcheAge Unchained' (AA:U).

    AA:U is now live and yep, we're forming a TOG guild over on the TOG ArcheAge members forum.

    We're particularly hoping to hear from ex-ArcheAge players who might be between games or unaware of Archeage: Unchained. Annnd, we are seeking more officers - see the recruitment post on the ArcheAge public forum here.

    Please feel free to mention this to any other members who might be interested.

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