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    The rFactor Division has a small but active group of drivers. We run regular series races on Tuesday and Thursday nights plus some Sunday night runs.

    The server name is w w w. theoldergamers . com#1 (without all the spaces)

    Thursday night is our entry level racing and the only night we run a public server. Called the Thursday Fun Cup, it is generally a 4 round series with 3 x 15 minute races for each round. We run fixed setups with only steering, brake pressure and brake bias being adjustable. The reason being a level playing field for drivers, allowing especially newer drivers to hone their driving skills and racecraft without worrying about setups. The mods are chosen for their driveability on default or near default setups. Sometimes a server setup is installed which every car entering the pit will automatically receive. For download links and results tables go to The Older Gamers - Pitlane

    Blaktop (Division Vice Captain)
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