Shadowguard & Rock 'n' scroll event return from 12 Nov 2020

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    Shadowguard event

    Duration: 12 -26 November 2020 at 1 AM UTC (6 PM PDT). Note that all NPCs will disappear at that time.

    The Shadowguard Festival returns to Falcorth for 2020. Rewards include a variety of decor items and fireworks - details here.

    Rock 'n' Scroll event
    Duration: 12 November 2020 - 17 December 2020 (maintainence)

    Basically, the way this event works is the longer you are logged in anywhere in game (excluding instances) during the event, the more scrolls you receive. Buy a Ruby (limit of 3 per account) from the Marketplace for 10 Loyalty Tokens (Legacy) or 10 Diligence Coins (Archeage: Unchained) then stay logged in to gain a scroll every 2 hrs, up to 10 scrolls per day per account.

    You can get additional scrolls on each character as follows:
    • 6 from greater dungeons (1 per final boss, per day)
    • 3 from Taris (4th boss in Mistsong, must have previously unlocked the Taris quest*)
    • 3 from CR
    • 2 from GR
    • 2 from Luscas
    • 1 from Ocleera Rift**
    • 1 per Shadow Invasion (Shadowguard event) daily
    * (First time only) kill 3 bosses in HM for keys to kill Taris, then kill Taris.
    ** Quest from Scout Karlsburg to kill 50 mobs in Diamond Shores. Can be completed any time, 1x day.

    Use the scrolls to attempt to upgrade your Ruby for higher tier rewards at the Gem Exchanger min Mirage Isle (first blue machine on the right). The full list of possible rewards are listed here.

    • Rewards still include popular options like manastorm (legacy only), bound serendipity stones and temper crates, but also some different rewards compared to April 2020 when the Rock'n' Scroll event last ran, specifically:
      • Ruby (Rank 1) = 3 Manastorm (Legacy) or 10 Diligence coins (Unchained) instead of 50 Gilda Stars
      • Emerald (Rank 5) = Conker's Cube battlepet instead of Coral mount
      • Jade (Rank 6) = Squirrel glider instead of Nightfire glider
      • Zircon (Rank 10) = Hellwing Pegasus instead of Stormwing Pegasus
    • Note that the 'Rock n Scroll' event is still currently the only free way to obtain Armor Type Conversion Scrolls (from the Mythic and Eternal Synthesis crates). These allow you to change the type of your Hiram gear (eg switch from cloth to leather). These scrolls may come in handy down the track, even if you are currently happy with your build.
    • All scrolls must be used before maintainence on 17 December 2020, when they will expire. The Gem Exchanger will remain until December 24.
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