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    Hey Y'all,

    Half and I were talking the other day, and we decided that more TOGgers should be playing Shaiya. And we decided that if that was not going to happen, then we had to get out and start recruiting older Shaiya players to join up with TOG. We don't care if you fight on the side of Light or the side of Dark. We also don't care whether or not you are in a guild or you go it alone. We are trying to form a group of older Shaiya players to enhance our game experiences and to make it more fun than it already is.

    Here is our XFire staging area. Drop on by sometime and sign up. And if you are just visiting here, consider joining up with TOG.

    The Older Gamers Shaiya (togshaiya)

    How to join TOG:

    Hans :)
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    been playing shaiya for about 2 months now...ign smilinbob

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