WiiU: Splatoon: Not a Squid Kid, I'm Old Calamari

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    Copied from the "Shooters" section:

    Just wondering if there are any Splatoon (WiiU) players in TOG. I mainly play random turf war matches, but in a few days they will be releasing build 2.0 (and a bunch of new modes including selecting parties instead of randoms). Being able to choose parties could open the door to some competitive ranked matches.

    There is also another Splatfest on Friday (Aug 7th) in NA... not sure if Australia is included in this one or not (wish Nintendo didn't do splatfests based on region). I've allied myself with marshmallows because that's the way the coin flipped (not because I was bought off by Kraft and Hostess). If there are any other players feel free to toss me a request.

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