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    Star Citizen has come a long way since it was announced in 2012 as a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, to be a spiritual successor to Robert's previous games, the Wing Commander series and Freelancer!
    Quite a few of us were there or soon after and today, there are 2.271.961 star citizens!! Anyone remember this gem?:

    Nowadays we can still visit the hangar, but also fly, fight, run around, aim to misbehave or just enjoy the beautiful and detailed scenery. Some people can immerse themselves for hours, others grow bored quite soon because it's not yet the game we are longing for. Of course, we shouldn't forget it's two games; Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

    The state of both is most easily described as ' work in progress '. Some sources for detail:
    This does mean that quite a few Organisations, including ours, have been in existence for almost 7 years already; without a 'real' game. It also means that every other update (flight-) controls change and together with all the new stuff, one basically has to re-learn the game again. It also means that we as a whole are awaiting the 'real' game to go live and are more casual in playing Star Citizen until then.

    Also be aware that TOG is about enjoying a wide range of games together with respect and maturity. There are so many games TOG is active in, please check the forums or discord and find out yourself if you haven't already!

    Star Citizen isn't yet the game we all are longing for, but it will be. Until then, enjoy what you can, don't burn (or bore) out and if you feel the need to, join multiple organisations (you can join up to 10) to your liking. TOG was there at the very beginning (yes, Chris and Sandi), and will be there for you when there is a stable build we can honestly call 'live'.

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