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    One of Star-Lord's unique game mechanics is his Element Gun.

    In Marvel Heroes, his Element Gun "current ammo" is controlled by your actions.

    Here's some screenshots of the guns charging up using different elements.

    The first shot is him charging up the Element Gun with no Element Ammo loaded.

    The second shot is him charging the Element Gun with Earth Ammo loaded.

    The third shot is him firing a barrage with his Element Gun loaded with Fire Ammo.

    First Image:

    Star-Lord Teaser

    Second Image:


    Third Image:


    I think it will be great to try this new character when it is released. Just would be good to know the purchase price.
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    He is not one on my list of desired characters. I have Rocket. Thats enough from a comic series I have never heard of prior to seeing in this game. Although I am highly anticipating the movie, I dont have any nostalgia or other attachments to him.
    My next cant wait for purchase is Rogue, and I have a few other highly recommended characters due to their power that are already in game that I am after. They will all come first.
    I am also a little dubious of new mechanics being introduced with the characters first release, after playing Mr Fantastic day one. They take a little while before they refine them, and while Mr Fantastic has some incredible visuals, he is a little tough to play right now.
    You can push through these on a character you love. If its just another character, then you focus on the mechanics more. That is what happened to me with Fantastic, and why I won't be going for Star Lord.
    However, it wont stop me from getting Rogue day one :D
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