Star War Squadrons

Discussion in 'Simulation' started by joeshmoe554, Jun 19, 2020.

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    When I first heard about this game I was somewhat excited, but I was also trying to temper my excitement given the somewhat lackluster quality of Space Flight Sims over the last decade or so. There are exceptions to that such as Elite Dangerous and the ever in development Star Citizen, but most of the titles from big publishers are more arcade games than true flight sims.

    Since the trailer came out they have revealed:
    • The game will have a first person, in cockpit view
    • The game will utilize VR on the Playstation and PC
    • The game will feature energy management allowing you to divert energy between shields, engines, and weapons
    • and most importantly, the game fully supports joysticks on the PC, including full HOTAS rigs with throttle.
    Now I'm really excited.
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    Any TOGgers play this? I pre-ordered it (Starwars fanboi) but have barely played it. Looking to put in some serious time over the Xmas break...
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    I picked it up on Xbox and beat the campaign. Definitely hearkens back to the old LucasArts Tie Fighter and X-Wing feels, though the way it ends leads me to belief there might be a story DLC or something. Feels like less of an end and more of a first book in a trilogy.

    Haven't put too much time in multiplayer. Fleet battles is a fun mode but lasts a bit long.

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