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    I recommend everyone with an interest in CoE to read this dev journal on the State of Elyria. Among other useful and interesting information in the article there's a timline for the production of the game. As it's, in my humble opinion, the most relevant information on the game at the moment I'll post it here.

    " ... below is an approximate schedule - not of when we expect the work to be complete - but when we expect to be under active development toward a particular deliverable or milestone. Providing a timeline in this format allows us to have an open, transparent, candid conversation about what and when we're working on something, while still giving us the freedom to make changes sprint-to-sprint and change the dates of our internal milestones to suit our development needs."

    For easy reading Q3, and Q4 means "Quarter 3 and Quarter 4." T1, T2, and T3 means "trimester 1, 2, or 3," and implies a 4-month window. S1 and S2 means "semester 1 or 2" and implies a six-month window of time.

    1. V3 of the Website (Q3 2017)
    2. ElyriaMUD (Q4 2017)
    3. Alpha 1 (T1 2018)
    4. Server Selection (T1 2018)
    5. Settlement / Domain Selection (T2 2018)
    6. KoE (T2 2018)
    7. Design Experiences (T3 2018)
    8. Alpha 2 (T3 2018)
    9. Beta 1 (S1 2019)
    10. Prologue & CoE Adventure Toolkit (S1 2019)
    11. Exposition (S1 2019)
    12. Beta 2 (S1/S2 2019)
    13. Stress Test (Any paid account)(S2 2019)
    14. Launch (S2 2019)
    - Posted by Caspian of Soulbound Studios on July 27th 2017

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