Strategic Command II - War in Europe

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    Hope this is not construed as advertising (because I have no vested interested in the publisher or developer) but just making those of you who used to be into the old WWII grand strategy games that there is finally a computer based version of the likes of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

    Have sunk many many hours into this re-creating the "what if USSR had remained neutral and Hitler wasn't an idiot and opened up the eastern front" scenario. Eve has temporarily taken a back seat until I have run this scenario through on a "just one more turn" basis.

    Why I personally enjoy this:
    • Turn based (turns are approximately 1-2 weeks - I think it speeds things up during winter months)
    • Hex movement (including aircraft and ships)
    • Weather effects (rain/storms [aircraft cannot fly from or into those hexes affected - means planning attacks with air support are affected - not good if invading the UK in November thru Feb generally] mud, snow, dust storms [for Nth Africa & Middle East])
    • Scripted events (these are based around add in real events that occurred during the period and not all directly impact the game). Scripts can be disabled at start of the game (which is how I set USSR to be neutral unless attacked)
    • Supply of units is modelled but made to operate "under the bonnet" but still allowing the effects to be clearly understood
    • A range of unit types
      • Ground range from infantry to engineers, arty, rockets, armour (lt/med/hvy), special ops, paratroopers, etc
      • Air include fighters, tactical bombers, medium bombers, heavy bombers and maritime bombers
      • Sea include carriers, battleships, light & hvy cruisers, destroyers, subs, amphibious transports and transports
    • Obviously production based on cities and strategy resources owned/captured
    • Technology improvements (from level 0 to 5 - just like eve :))
    • Diplomacy (was able to eventually bring Spain and Ireland into the fray on the side of the Axis.
    • Fully modd-able units, map and graphics (I think someone with too much time on their hands built an American civil war mod together with scriptable events.
    Details are here

    Well, I love it, not saying you will but just putting it out there...

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