Submiting application to join, primarily for Star Citizen membership.

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    Hello all, I'm currently following the Star Citizenship development. I've pledged WAY to much but I'm really enjoying being part of the development.
    I'm 59 years young and semi retired in North Central Arkansas. Work history has been in industrial electrical mfg. and maintenance. My wife and I are enjoying life with our 2 English Bull Terriers and 2 mix rescues. We'll soon be looking for a Great Dane rescue (female only) should anyone know of one.
    I've been building my own Comps since we had to configure our own com ports and move our mouse drivers into upper memory to get F16 and Lynx to load.
    I played EQ in an active raiding guild, EQ2 solo and friends only. Tinkered with Skyrim. Never got on the WOW hype train. Looked at EVE but there were to many griefers for a newby.
    Looking to enjoy some friendly Star Citizen, and make some new friends.
    Actively piddling with:
    Diablo 3
    Star Craft
    Pledged but not played Elite Dangerous
    Trying to figure out, Dreadnaught


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