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    This is our project to save photos of the creations on our original "Survival" Server. These creations range from when we started the server in Jan 2011, until 5 Sept 2011.

    Not all locations may have been photographed. Only those that looked obvious on the map. Not all locations will have the same amount of photos taken of them. Not all locations are finished - they are as they were found when photographed around 5th Sept 2011.

    Locations were "named" by looking for any signposts at the location, or looking at any people who appeared on the map nearby (or from memory). Any locations that were not known who built them, are listed under "unknown". Apologies if any locations are incorrectly attributed to someone.

    You can find archive photo threads here:

    You can find the entire photo album here:
    Survival Server Archive Jan 2011 - Sept 2011 pictures by togminecraft - Photobucket

    Survival Server:

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