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    Hi TOG,

    Been a while, mates. A long, strange trip it's been. 2011 if I recall correctly... nearly a decade ago. Eve, Battlefield 2, Archeage, Planetside 2... the games don't matter.

    What does matter is TOG itself.

    It's been a rough go the last few years for me. Loss. Personal battles. Demons in the closet. But one thing has always been there, and that's TOG. Maybe the website has changed, the people have come and gone, but I haven't forgotten. A place where a bunch of nerds hang out, laugh like mad, engage in all kinds of silly shenanigans. There's no garbage here. Sure, we yell at each other, sometimes outright fight. But we're all Toggers.

    I pop in from time to time, lurk quietly, post in a thread here or there. I still keep in touch with some of you on Facebook, Skype, the like. That's my point, really. That bond. It's why I'm thankful to have met you crazy lot.

    Anyways, at the risk of getting all mushy and such, I miss you band of misfits, nerds, geeks, gamers, and every stripe in between. "Never too old to play" indeed.

    Hugs all around, with love from Canada.

    Keep being excellent to each other. Keep being TOG.

    - Dewey

    PS: I'm Deweyoxberg everywhere. Steam, Origin, Twitter, you name it. Be good to catch up with you all some time, yeah?

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