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    New theHunter is coming next month on the 16th. Suppose to do away with micro translations will be 29.99 but they plan on making dlc they will release for hopefully years to come. I use to play the last version a pay to play game with a couple toggers and with all the survial craze games I been playing I kind of miss this. No you don't need to eat, drink, or sleep in this saddly. But the way they claim its gonna work is you get resources and coin for you harvests based on your kills. And unlike any game I played minus theHunter its more then just shoot it dead, the caliber, and where you hit it are huge factors, it has organs in it, and detail in how it walks runs, reacts to you is rendered pretty well in game. For instance for the best harvest score you need a clean kill shot to the heart, you can kill it by shooting other parts but it will bleed out, may even survive the whole damn thing. Then you got track its blood trail and finish it off or find it dead or dying. And the animials actually do the lay down heavy breathing thing if not fully dead, so you got put it down, kind tugs at you a little first few times, but more reason to improve your aim, and try to get that perfect shot instead of just shooting them in the but, and hoping it bleeds out.

    But in this game you will spend lots of time tracking, woriing about the wind, your smell, trying to perfect your tracking skyrim style. Like at first you will be awfull at guessing where the calls are comming but over time you start getting better, at pinpointing where its coming form so you can pull out a caller and track like a pro as they call back, but still get that rookie experince first where you off a few meters on guessing its locations. And the more you learn how to track a specific animial mind you, you got skill set for each one, the easier it is to spot its trail. You will go from having walk on top of its foot prints to later on spotting its droppings from a meter away. Just like you could in the current one at least get better and tell by the droppings how old the poop is, and guess its size better, same foot prints you get better and start guessing its score in estimated range by its trail left to find out if its worth following or not. And there is at least curent one dangers been stomped to deaht by a moose a few times hunting them with slugs in my shotgun, and bears, well I bearly was working on my bear hunting experince but either ran from me before I could spot them, I could tell by the fleeing tracks, or I stumbled to close and well regreted it lol.


    The current one also has a huge selection of stuff it microtranstions the hell out of you, but they got decoys, tree stands, tripods, hunter blinds, whole works. You can set up bait barrels on your own personal saved map of the many regions and come back a day or two latter to find bears or hogs there, even set up stands to get those easy lazy hunter kills. Same with duck hunting no bait but its a big investment ordeal in current game you set up blinds for most 3 players I think, needs to be done in mp mode, you put out decoys in the water, then use a call while some one has that flappy bird on a stick to get the ducks or geese to fly down to your little decoy filled water spot so you can hit them with your bird shot. Even added a dog that will retreave birds, and rabbits for you, and a hound dog that will help you track other game for those who don't want to do small game, as well as vests for them, saftey ones so in mp no one shoots them by mistake, but also got pouches you could carry a tiny amount of stuff in it like some spare ammo when your bag is full of decoys to set up for your turkey decoy trap or whatever.

    Intresting game with good attention to detail, just old one is well old and like I said pay to play 3 buck a months plan is cheapest sub and the really neat stuff you can get with in game currency and only way to earn paid is by competiotns wich you place in but there is multiple like I did phesant today I can hunt those for free right now, there was like 6 competitions for them for a couple different settings. Like they had longest shot with bird shot competion using a shotgun, it had newbie, threw master comps, the higher up the better the rewards for placing, just like there was same thign for side by side shotgun best score for top 3 kills out of max of 50 kills and 10 attempts to get those total 50. And one more set for using a pellet gun to hunt them. But in total there was like 100 or so competitions I could submit to some restricted by weapons and what not though. Like they have blackpowder bear or elk comps all the time same with bow, or crossbow challanges.

    Anyways that is how current one is this one claims to have more exp systems to it, no microtransations at all, up to 8 players on single hunt, and looks way nicer. I brought the other crap up as examples of how this may go, I expect a dlc for duck/geese hunting for instance, just like one for each contentent at some point. As is you can hunt kangaroos if your weird, or go to africa and hunt crazy stuff there now. Even has artic gear you need so you can hunt polar bears and what not in the pay to play one. Granted think the deer, elk, turkey, rabbit and duck/geese are probaly the most popular game, well and black bears, that is all I ever hunted and it was quite fun doing that in a group with some old togers years ago. Pairing up and then splinting up to track the same herd of elk. Using the gps app thing we had to show each others postions then draw with the mouse a plan or highlight locations so we could both get into position then fire at the same time, after calling out wich one we were aiming at over voice coms. Although the best were the screw ups, like geting every thing right and some oen spooks them lol, or tracking a group as newbs for a while to find out it was elk cows (female elk) not the ones we wanted. Then posing with the whole group by the big trophy kills for a selfie. Stuff that these days would get you in trouble on social media but when its a simulaiton it doesn't feel bad at all, its just pixels after all.

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