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Discussion in 'Retro Gaming and Nostalgia!' started by bork, Jun 12, 2009.

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    Any other fans? :)

    I had a few days off work this week due to the flu, so I grabbed an old copy and got it up and running in dosbox.

    I used to play this game probably 15 years ago, and it brought back so many old memories!

    • Trying to design the most ingenious park possible to make the little people walk past as many gift shops, food stalls and sideshow games as possible before they actually get to a ride

    • Crazy rollercoasters where only half the passengers actually make it through the ride, and the way you get to see the other half fly across the screen as they get flung off

    • Putting in a Big Time Fries shop with the salt level cranked up to the maximum right next to a Pokey Cola which is selling drinks at an absurd markup

    • Someone throwing up because a ride is set too fast, which then causes chain vomiting all around the park if you don't clean it up in time

    It really was a well designed game and I was surprised at how much replay value it had, even so many years after it was released. One of those games I wish they'd make an updated version of.
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    I loved this game, it was really really fun to play. I never played Roller Coaster Tycoon, but I heard it's very similar. What's the difference?

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