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    A friendly reminder to all Console TOG members.

    When a person joins TOG they have agreed to abide by all of TOG's polices, codes of conduct, etc. as part of the application process.

    There is a reason that these things have been put in place and that is so that anyone who plays as a TOGer or with a TOGer knows that they are playing in a friendly, courteous and cheat free environment.

    These measures are also in place to protect TOG as an entity so that all present and future members will have access to the services it offers and the community that we enjoy being a part of.

    Although originally a PC centric community, it has embraced console gaming and as such all console TOG members will abide by the policies and codes of conduct they agreed to when joining or risk being ejected from TOG.

    One of the great things about online console gaming is the “easy use” voice communications. Joining party chat, in game chat, etc. is a great way to communicate with fellow TOGers and can really give you the edge in team based games.

    Be mindful of the way you use these communication systems. The use of profanity as a TOG member within game chats is strictly prohibited under the TOG codes of conduct.

    Now you may say to yourself, “we are all mature players so what’s the big deal if one of us drops the “F”-Bomb?” Well consider …

    • Most people that joined TOG did so because they were of the understanding that they would no longer have to listen to childish or crass conversation encountered in many PUG’s.
    • TOG as an entity is judged by the actions of its members. If a member of TOG speaks in a manor that another player finds offensive, TOG as an entity could be held responsible putting the whole organization at risk of legal action.

      [*]In most instances, if a head set is not connected to a controller or the console itself, the voice communication comes blaring out of the speakers owned by everyone playing the game. Many players have partners and children and they can hear this voice communication. Profanity will offend these people and again possibly create problems for TOG.

    While this is a friendly reminder I want to make it clear, TOG will not accept the use of profanity during console voice communications by any member displaying TOG as part of a user name or clan tag. This is applicable to any game or party chat, even if it only contains TOG members.

    The console division is "issue" free and we want to keep it that way.

    If you have any questions regarding any of this post or the policies and codes of conduct of TOG, please fee free to PM me.

    Thanks for reading this post and your understanding in this matter. :)
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