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    The TOG Minecraft and Starmade Game Servers is an invite server. Only those players who have posted in this Player Register are entitled to play on the Server.
    Authorisation to play is at the discretion of the TOG Administration and Division Leadership Teams who may with or without notice, vary or revoke access of any person at any time.

    Those invited to play on the TOG Minecraft and Starmade Game Servers may nominate through the registration process non-TOG members. This must be authorised prior to playing. Those under 25 must be a relative of the TOG member.

    The in game name, age and relationship must be declared. The TOG member requesting the invite will be responsible for the non-TOG member including online safety. The TOG Invite TS Server is available for communication purposes.

    TOG Minecraft and Starmade Division cooperates with members of the Division who may host Servers of their own. These "Affiliated Servers" are run at the discretion of the Host, and may include non tog members and people under 25 years of age. Rules and Enforcement are the responsibility of the server host and not of TOG.

    **Warning: Children of TOG Members may be playing on this TOG Game Server.**

    Welcome to TOG Minecraft Division

    1. What is Minecraft?
    2. How to Join the TOG Minecraft Community?
    3. Who’s Who?
    4. The TOG Minecraft Server
    5. Server Addresses, Maps and Statuses
    6. Registering to Play on the TOG Minecraft Server
    7. In Game Commands
    8. The Server Map
    9. Voice Comms
    10. Starting out on the TOG Server
    11. How can I contribute to the community?
    12. What if I have encountered or noticed a problem?
    13. Feed the Beast - how to get started

    Your point of contact for any questions, concerns and problems within the Minecraft Division will be the Division Captain or the Vice DC's.

    Division Captain

    Division Vice Captain

    WELCOME ... first thing we recommend you do as a TOG Minecraft member is to read all of the information contained in this thread and then post a thread answering the questions listed below to request permission to be added to the white-list for server access HERE

    If you are over 25 and have not yet joined TOG we recommend you visit the Barracks and apply for membership, alternatively you can register for the public forum without getting full membership

    To request server access you will need to answer the following questions

    * Your minecraft username (Note that this is case-sensitive)
    * Have you been an active TOG member > 6 months?
    * If not, do you know an active TOG member who will 'vouch' for you?
    * What other games do you play in/with TOG?
    * Have you read and understood the "TOG Minecraft - START HERE" sticky?
    * How did you hear about the server?
    * Why would you like to join?

    Once you have posted one of the leaders listed will check your request and PM you if there is any further details/time required.


    SERVERS here is where you will find everyone..

    TOG (Vanilla) Frontier server

    FTB (Direwolf20 modpack) Serenity server

    (SERENITY additional Do's and Dont's list)

    We also have other allied servers run independently by Toggers that allow for variations like the FeedTheBeast modpack.

    Misnik's Server (Allied server)

    Misnik | View Misnik's Profile

    Server Admins

    Allied servers


    - fantastic for in game chat that can be see across all the TOG affiliated servers

    - Details are available HERE

    - If you want to be able to chat live with other members in voice comms you need to be using Teamspeak3. A lot of the fun and socialising happens here.

    - Details are available HERE


    TOG run SERVER's How are they FUNDED?

    We hope you have a lot of fun and enjoy the TOG Minecraft Division... just a reminder though for the Frontier and Serenity Servers we do run on donations so please take the time to check out the following

    How to donate to the server funds


    You will require a purchased version of the PC game in order to use the servers.

    The servers use a whitelist of allowed players and additional tools
    to detect ‘griefing’ activities. By default, players can join the server using the vanilla Minecraft program. Each server, allied or TOG, will specify whether players will need to install any specific client mods in order to join the server.

    Players on the server are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the general TOG Principles. We also have a TOG Minecraft Server Code of Conduct and various other rules and guidelines can be found on this forum, specific to each world or server. Players are expected to read the forum regularly to keep themselves up-to-date with any changes. This code of conduct also lists which optional client mods are allowed to be used when playing on the servers.

    We attempt to operate the server in a family-friendly manner as kids may be playing on the servers alongside their parents or watching them play. Player behaviour should reflect this (e.g. no swearing, inappropriate chat / constructions).

    That said, however, the servers have few mechanisms in place to make it child-friendly or child-safe and they are not guaranteed to be so. Parents who request server access for their children do so with this understanding and are responsible for supervising both their children's activities and interactions with others on the server. Children will not be provided access unless their parents are also players on the server (see Section 6. Registering to Play).

    Remember, when it's all said and done, TOG is "The Older Gamers".

    *please note information contained in the links is currently being updated
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