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Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by Father, Apr 9, 2004.

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    As I have had quite a few people outside of Australia interested in contributing to TOG's running costs I now finally have the ability to make this happen.

    Was not too convinced with Paypal and read too many horror stories about their service to overseas clients.
    So I found Paymate which is basically the Australian alternative to Paypal, also in conjunction with Ebay so a reliable and secure system.

    Australian based sponsors are still better of contributing via direct bank deposit as they currently do.

    Any members based overseas can now contribute to TOG in US or AUS dollars by using their credit cards.
    Cliking the "Sponsor TOG" paymate graphic takes you to the sponsor page where you have all further details.

    As I have not yet tested this, I would like one US based member who is interested in sponsoring TOG to PM me so we can trial it, I wouldn't want people to deposit money into something that I haven't tested yet. I'm sure all is setup fine but better to give it a test.

    Thanks for all your help folks!

    Remember this is "voluntary"

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