Trion gamer lawsuit settles / XL Games majority interest acquired

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    Both ArcheAge's original NA publisher (Trion) and developer (XL Games) have been in the gaming news lately.

    A final settlement of a class action known as Van Fleet v. Trion Worlds, Inc that led to Trion's dissolution last year, and acquisition of its assets including publishing rights for ArcheAge in North America and Europe by Gamigo has been scheduled for April 17, 2020.

    Further details of the lawsuit and claims process are available at (Frequently Asked Questions – ArcheAge Marketplace Settlement)

    Key points:
    • Trion will pay a total of USD$420,000 in settlement of the suit.
    • Eligible U.S. players (only) can join the suit as 'class members' by submitting a valid claim online (see above) or by mail by March 13, 2020 provided they:
    1. purchased an ArcheAge Patron status subscription before launch, either individually or as part of a Founder’s Pack, and purchased items in the ArcheAge Marketplace before October 22, 2018, while maintaining Patron status (the “Discount Class”); OR
    2. purchased at least one supply crate in the ArcheAge Marketplace before October 22, 2018 (the “Lottery Class”)
    • The amount class members can receive depends on the amounts they each spent in the ArcheAge marketplace and the number of crates they each bought, the number of claims submitted, and the amount of attorneys’ fees and expenses, payments to Plaintiffs for their service as class representatives, and administration costs approved by the Court. IE, the remainder after these costs have been deducted (if any) will be split between class members.
    TLDR: Submit a claim here before 13 March 2020 if you are eligible, but likely most of the money will go to the lawyers and class representatives.

    XL Games
    Mobile game developer, Kakao Games has acquired a 53% controlling stake in ArcheAge's developer, XL Games.
    Kakao Games has also made a significant financial investment in the development of XL's new mobile MMORPG, Moonlight Sculptor and partnered with XL to develop Archeage Walk, a mobile version of ArcheAge for the Korean market.

    More info here
    Acquisition (XLGAMES - Kakao Games acquires majority share of ArcheAge developer - MMO Culture)

    ArcheAge Walk (ArcheAge Walk - Kakao Games announce new location-based mobile game - MMO Culture)

    NOTE: As always, use caution with insecure links.

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