Trophies - Don't Carry Over Between Console Versions

Discussion in 'Games Talk' started by Ancient_One, Nov 17, 2016.

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    My biggest disappointment is the Trophy system on PSN. Especially with the release of games from previous consoles on current consoles. PSN have always kept PS3 and PS4 separated from each other. In the early days friends on PS3 could not see friends on PS4 and vice versa.

    Now Trophies take centre stage with any trophies achieved in a game on PS3 not being carried over for the PS4 version of the same game. The game hasn't changed it's just been brought up graphically for the new console. People might argue that it was designed that way for new players but really is it that hard to acknowledge and combine the trophies you might have achieved while playing the same game on PS3 into the PS4.

    Example The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition. Now I have this game on PS3 and achieved most of the trophies. My wife was playing it recently on PS3 and had 25% of the trophies. The PS4 version comes out and yep, no trophies start again. They go as far as to name the trophies separately as PS3 and PS4 to differentiate.

    Now I don't mind playing through a game again if I like it but I would like to just add to the existing trophy achievements.

    With more remastered games coming to PS4, the same thing will occur time and time again. Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection comes out soon. That's three games.

    It's disappointing is all I can say. What are others feelings towards this.

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