umm, who put the bomb in my house?

Discussion in 'Minecraft (Public)' started by Wolf_Web, Oct 6, 2010.

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    anyway I was not upset at all about it, I actually thought it was funny. But also I do see that the oldtimers here don't think it was very funny, as i guess they know from experience that pranks can end up causing someone real pain which is the last thing any of us would want.
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    Just so everyone knows for the future, TNT, when enclosed completely by cobblestone, will destroy only the cobblestone and nothing else. This means that if you happen across TNT either in the wild, or as a malicious prank, all you need to do is fill all spaces adjacent to the TNT with cobblestone (the stuff you get after breaking plain stone - the most common building material) minus one spot, trigger the TNT and then place a piece of cobblestone in the hole you used to activate the TNT. The TNT will be gone and you'll be good to go. :D

    More Info: TNT - Minepedia - The Minecraft Wiki!
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