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    The next major updates 6.1/6.2 were released in Korea in September. Very little other English-language information is available yet, but it appears we can expect a new timed dungeon, a new open-world worldboss 'Khalidus' in Whalesong Strait, new open world events, new/changed ancestral skills, skill buffs/nerfs and more.

    6.2 is previewed by Zzsavage here.

    Typically each patch releases in Korea a few months earlier than North America/Europe, due to the time needed for localization. Patches may also be bundled differently for NA/EU release (some changes may be unreleased or held back), though usually the content of patches is substantially similar to Korea.

    According to Gamigo's Twitter, apparently we can also expect 3 vs. 3 snowball battles in a winter arena starting next week (Christmas event, duration unknown).
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