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    [Update] Patch 6.03 ('February update') has now been published to the live servers.
    Final patch notes are on the forum here.

    Changes include:
    • Added keybinds for target selection: includes target's target, next/previous marked enemy or ally marked with 1~9, ★, X, ♥
    • Hereafter Rebellion single player dungeon
    • Relaunched Stillwater Gulf naval battle royale instance. All players are hostile to each other in this instance and must survive and eliminate others in order to win. 60 minute play time with a debuff (Grudge's Veil) making it increasingly challenging as the game progresses. Rewards Kyrios Badges and Radiant Infusion Supplies based on ranking.
    • Battle Clipper from Stillwater Gulf naval arena added to open world
    • New Ancestral skills
    • New collection achievement - 'Master Tamer' for collecting special tamed mounts.
    • New World Boss Charybdis in Whaleswell Strait plus associated daily kill quest. Charybdis is an Ancestral 15 World Boss with nearly 17 million hp. With the help of Cetus, Charybdis uses a large variety of skills to destroy ships around her, devour the people controlling the ships and ensure she stays away from harm.
    • Changes to the Faction Activity Ranking System which decides 'Dominant' and 'Weak' factions. The PvP and PvE activities of Nuia, Haranya, and the Pirate factions will contribute to faction activity points. The faction with the highest score each week (00:00:00 UTC on Sunday to 23:59:59 UTC on Saturday) is considered the Dominant faction. The 'Weak' faction receives a buff. Alliances are not affected.
    • Daily faction zone purification competition added to Ynystere and Cinderstone. This involves summoning Lodestones while also destroying the Lodestones of hostile factions. The faction that scores 3000 points first wins the competition, in which case the Neutral Guards in the area will be swapped for Guards of their faction and access to the Trade Outlet is restricted to the winning faction for 1 hour. Participating players receive a number of Improved Infusion Supply Kits dependent on your faction's score, plus 2 Blue Salt Bonds and Gilda Star x10 if you are part of the winning faction.
    • Pirates now can have 3 heroes, participate in Blue Salt Bond quests, and obtain a Strength of the Faction buff from their Morpheus Statue
    • Dungeon changes: Serpentis and SODL will be instanced and can be entered through the Instance window or their current in-world portals at any time. Serpentis is a 5 member instance (3 member minimum) and SODL is a 10 member instance. Superior Grinding Guardian Scrolls can reset the entry up to 20 times, increasing in quantity each time.
    • Trading changes:
      • Added a new level ('Diminished Profit') to pack profit timer values. Packs with 'Low Profit' timer values no longer affect Trading Post demand percentages.
      • Aged larders are now crafted at a Farmer's Workstation and will not expire once placed. Players will need to salvage previously crafted larders and aged packs. A new scale of profit timer values with longer delivery times than regular packs applies to new larders.
    • Battle Pets: Removed Attack Mode, added a saddle gear slot plus awakening scrolls and lunagems for battle pet gear
    • Exploration: more spots in Eastern Hiram Mountains
    • Voting: Eligible voters can now vote for 1-6 hero candidates once per account.
    and more. Please refer to the patch notes linked above for details.
    For reference, this build (unlike many previous) was released on PTS with draft patch notes were released on the forum here and a player feedback/bug report thread here. Let's hope this continues.
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