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    This 'December 2019' aka 6.1.9 update is the first (other than bugfixes) since the launch of ArcheAge: Unchained on 15 October 2019. Changes include:

    Crime points/Leadership/Hero/Faction changes
    • Crime points will now take into account both the victim's level and the attacker's level
    • Hero candidates will be automatically selected from the top 16 players based on Leadership rank and can withdraw until there are 6 candidates left. (Must be Level 55 to be a candidate).
    • Voters must now be 55 (increased from Level 30) with previous Leadership: 250 (increased from 200)
    • Leadership amount earned from various activities tweaked: Kadum, Leviathan, RD, Kraken, Anthalon, Meina, Glenn & Jola now grant leadership; RD, FOHC and Blue Salt Bond amounts reduced; Mistmerrow no longer grants leadership
    • Ability to join or leave Pirate faction temporarily suspended pending implementation of Exile system (currently planned for next maintainence per 20 December livestream).
    Instances /Arenas
    • New 6-person 'Mistsong Banquet' instance. Players use temporary skills and cannons to defeat waves of mobs - full details in patch notes, or see Kooncon's video guide here. (Known issue: still shows Korean text for certain skills and monsters)
    • Naval Arena temporarily disabled
    • Snowball Arena temporarily added (see Events below)
    • FOHC instance 'hard mode' option added - 15 team members need to vote for Hard Mode; it makes Tamed Owlina Mounts* actually useful
    • Heartening Flare, Fire Bomb and Flare 'supplies' added to Golden Plains instance - grant buffs/damage enemies
    • Sparring Arena/Gladiator Arena durations reduced for certain buffs/debuffs; bugfix for multiple entrants
    • Players with Rebirth Trauma can now queue and enter instances
    • Synthesis 'event' gives reduced cost for synthesis while buff is active (pick up buff from npc Synthesis Fairy Jake in your hero hall):
      • Up to 50% reduction for T1 (basic) and T2 (radiant) synthesis gear including Hiram, quest, Disciples, Noryette, Mistsong gear, pet accessories, cloaks (Ayanad and below), costumes / undergarments plus Red Dragon and Kraken gear
      • 20% reduction for T3 (brilliant) and T4 (glorious) Hiram gear, Erenor Cloaks, Beserk Red Dragon Gear and Thunderwing Gear.
    • Instanced Christmas event (Snowball arena). See FoxFires 2018 video guide here**. Rewards 1-3 Kyrios badges and Snowballs; snowballs can be exchanged at the machine next to the quest-giver for various items including (Legacy only)
    • Bound Serendipity Stone
    • Lucky Hiram Infusion
    • Manastorm Crystal
    plus various winter-themed cosmetic items from past years and festivals (Legacy and Unchained). More details in the patch notes here
    • Erenor accessories can be awakened to T2 'Radiant'; stats are maintained
    • New 'Hiram's Chosen' questline item 'Flawless Hiram's Chosen Ring', The questline starts with 'A Mysterious Ore', requiring "Glowing Ore", which drops from the Millenium Mammoth. The final form, Augmented Hiram's Chosen Ring, grants +40 Stamina, +600 Resilience, +420 Toughness and -25% received damage. Note: Can't be worn with the Ynys Guardian Ring or Dream Ring.
    • New Ancestral skills
    • NPC quest UI now only shows 'acceptable' quests and prioritises quests displayed based on progression
    • removal of Proven Warrior (Halcy neck) crafting (now uses awakening scrolls),
    • removal of non-Abyssal Library and associated quests, items and materials (some convertable to Abyssal Library items)
    • removal of combat scrolls from Arrena Shop (turn in for Kyrios badges)
    • Glenn, Meina and Jola the Cursed now drop Leaders Infusion: Grants 1000 xp for World Boss Equipment
    • New bound decor item 'Mannequin' allowing display of costumes will be available in future Marketplace update
    • tweaks to Territory Cannons
    • Other skill changes, bug fixes and other minor changes to the in-game UI.
    The full patch notes are available on the forum here.

    *Reward for completing the story quest Neverending Disaster
    ** The Snowman table and 500 labor reward shown in video are not available in 2019.
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