[UPDATED] Info on Archeage's B2P re-released 'Unchained'

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    More details are slowly being confirmed for ArcheAge Unchained in weekly livestreams from the publisher, Gamigo (for already-announced info see here). Gamigo are also communicating via Discord, Twitter and other media.

    This thread aggregates major confirmed announcements around pre-launch, launch and land claiming.
    Changes since the original announcement are shown in red text below. Newest changes are shown in purple text.

    TOG is establishing a guild on Wynn (North American server) Nuian faction. For more about the game and a link to the officer recruitment thread click here

    NEW! See our guides on TOG Archeage members forum (TOG members only)

    Latest updates

    • Archeage Unchained released on Steam on Thursday, 17th Oct at 11:00am PDT (rescheduled from 15 October 2019). See here
    • Two new servers were opened co-oincide with the Steam release (see here and below). A sixth North American server was added on 19 October (see here and below)
    • Land claiming will be staggered by server (see below)

    Key information:

    • 'Archeage: Unchained' (AA:U) Europe and North America live servers launched on 15 October 2019 at 10 AM [revised from original launch date 30 September 2019].
    • Originally two servers were announced for each region. This was increased to three at launch. Region = server cluster ie North America (NA) and Europe (EU).
    • There are currently six AA:U servers in North America and five in the 'Europe' region:
      • North America: Wynn, Tyrenos, Denistrious, Kaylin, Runert and Jergeant
      • Europe: Alexander, Halnaak, Belstrom, Tinnereph and Gildaron
    • Land claiming (for non-instanced housing) is a key feature of ArcheAge. On AA:U live servers unlock will be staggered, reflecting server launch order, as follows. Official announcement here.
    • North America:
      • Wynn, Tyrenos, Denistrious: 19 October 2019 [revised from 5 October 2019] at 10 AM PDT
      • Kaylin: October 20th at 10AM PDT
      • Runert and Jergeant: October 26th at 10AM PDT
    • Europe
      • Alexander, Halnaak, Belstrom: 19 October 2019 [revised from 5 October 2019] at 10 AM UTC
      • Tinnereph - October 20th at 10AM UTC
      • Gildaron - October 26th at 10AM UTC.
    Land unlock local time/countdown:​
    • North America click here NB Add +1 day to countdown shown for Kaylin and +7 days for Runert and Jergeant
    • Europe click here NB Add +1 day to countdown shown for Tinnereph and +7 days for Gildaron
    Previous updates

    The Shadows Revealed game client is available for pre-download via the left-hand game menu in the Glyph patcher (available here). The game was also released on Steam on October 17 2019 - details here.

    • Founder packs were available for purchase until 15 October 10 AM PDT, replaced by Archeum, Gold and Silver Unchained packs.
    • If purchased via the website, players must claim the items from their packs on the Glyph website to unlock labour regeneration on their characters (requires prior character creation) and receive items from their pack.
    • If purchased via Steam, pack items are automatically rewarded to the first character created.
    • Gifting of AA:U packs eg to friends, family will not be available via the Glyph Shop, but will be possible via Steam (date TBC).
    Past events
    • Public Test Server access for founders from 1 – 7 October 2019 [revised from 23 September 2019]. General (non-founder) access to the Public Test Server from October 7 – 13 2019; closed on 13 October at 10 AM PDT (3 AM UTC). More details here
    • Early access name reservation and character creation schedule for founders commenced as scheduled:
      • North America: Saturday, October 12th, 2019 [revised from 5 October 2019, originally 1 October] at 10:00 AM PDT
      • Europe: Saturday, October 12th 2019 [revised from 5 October 2019, originally 1 October] at 10:00 AM UTC
    but was locked to help balance factions and server load. Additional windows were announced at the same time on 13 & 14 October - more details here.

    Features at release (compared to legacy ArcheAge)

    • Limit of 3 accounts per player, and multi-client play will be restricted. Gamigo has clarified via Twitter that this means:
      • Multi-client play (defined as opening multiple clients on the same PC) will not be permitted on AA:U servers
      • Multiple logins from a shared IP address will be permitted (eg family or flatmates playing from the same location but on separate machines) will be permitted.
      • The use of 'follow' for characters in the same party or raid will be permitted.
    • A formal multi-client policy has been released and can be viewed here.
    • Each account will have two character slots, expandable to six, the same as legacy. At this point it is unclear whether character slot scrolls will be immediately available at launch (other than in the Founders packs).
    • All characters will regenerate labour offline at the same rate as the 'patron' buff allows in the legacy version. Gamigo are talking to XL Games about implementing a system for labour more similar to the Korean system, ie additional labour potions or buffs must be 'earned' through completing in-game activities, for both AA:U and legacy servers but this will not be part of version 6.0. A similar system has been implemented on legacy servers with 6.0. See patch notes (below); however in AA:U the archepass system already provides similar functionality.
    • Labour regeneration will begin at launch (characters will not necessarily have a full labour pool at login). Labour potions will not be available in the credit shop. See here for more info on how to start labour regeneration.
    • The monetisation model will include 'Archepasses' to unlock basic (free) and premium tier daily quests and rewards (premium tier rewards will be restricted to cosmetic items). Characters must be level 30 to access Archepasses (a measure intended to prevent 'spamming' of these rewards by rapidly creating and deleting characters)
    • Completing basic tier daily quests will earn in-game currency ('diligence' coins) to purchase mounts, gliders, expansion scrolls etc. Labour pots will only be purchasable with diligence coins. Daily reward / diligence shop items will bind on pickup. Crafting request completion tickets (that allow crafting requests to be completed early/without appropriate level of proficiency) have been removed from the diligence shop.
    • At launch, characters will have 22 days to complete an Archepass (a measure introduced as a result of player feedback, intended to provide some flexibility for players unable to login daily) and will be able to complete up to 17 quests per day. It is anticipated that a hotfix will be deployed 1-2 weeks after the live launch, changing the completion time for daily 'Archepass' quests to 'within the same week'. The number of quests will also increase to 12 per day x 7 days per week.
    • The ability to gift items from the in-game premium marketplace has been disabled
    • Cash shop items purchasable with credits will be restricted compared to legacy servers - no 'pay to win' items (see above) such as labour pots, or RNG boxes/loot crates. Tax certificates (needed to purchase and own land and buildings) will not be available in the cash shop, they can only be made by a player using labour. All cash shop items will bind on pickup. Players will be able to gift credit shop items to friends.
    • Mounts will only be available via questing /dungeon drops at launch, not diligence or credit shop (will likely be added to diligence shop in a later patch).
    • Temporary vehicles will be removed from achievement rewards for launch (will be reinstated in a later patch).
    • Auction houses will be restricted by server (not by region).
    • Arenas will be cross-server but restricted by region and environment and region eg, arenas on the three North America servers Wynn, Tinnereph and Denistrious will draw from those servers only.
    • The servers will launch with version 6.0 “Shadows Revealed”, the same as existing (legacy) servers. This is a major content update which will include improved graphics and the new 'Swiftblade' skill tree and 64-bit client. Final patch notes now available here
    • To reduce past vulnerabilities to hacking and gold-selling AA:U will use EasyAntiCheat. A zero-tolerance approach will be taken to RMT i.e., perma-ban on first offence for both buyers and sellers.
    More info:

    1. "Official" (verified) info
    • Official AA:Unchained website (includes pre-order pack info) here
    • FAQ on official Archeage forums here
    • FAQ on Discord here (requires login)
    • MassivelyOP interview with Khrolan (AA/AA:U producer) here
    If you prefer to watch rather than read, Gamigo's weekly Twitch pre-release streams can be found here.

    2. Several streamers have started to release helpful FAQ-type content:
    3. Player-created info:
    • List of guilds by server and faction on forums here
    • AA:U community discord (all servers) details here
    • Helpful post for new players about land-rushing on forums here
    • Paradox Gaming's explanation of how the trading system has changed here
    • Levelling your story quest gear do's & dont's here
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    I will be heading over on Sept 30th would love to have an Older Gamers guild setup there. I'm thinking Wynn server but will go to wherever the guild goes if necessary.
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    Excellent :) If you're interested in joining up with fellow TOGs in AA:U please head over to this thread on our Archeage members' forum.

    [EDIT: replaced 'Interested' thread link with 'Sign-up' thread link]
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