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Discussion in 'Star Citizen (Public)' started by PaladinWoW, Dec 30, 2016.

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    Hey guys, i was thinking about jumping into SC and getting an aurora starter package. Do we have an active group that plays? How do i meet up with them if so? My computer is needing some upgrades, but it runs the game well enough at the moment. I'm interested in salvaging if that has been implemented already.
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    Hi PaladinWow,

    Most welcome to the TOG Star Citizen boards! Like most organizations, several are very active, a lot are checking from time to time and many seem to wait until more is released (hoping on org 2.0!).
    I noticed that you already found your way to the Star Citizen division. Could you check out the question posted in reply to your signup post? :)

    Cheers! T.
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    Hey Paladin,

    I backed SC in 2012 and have just started playing the tail end of Alpha 2.5 and the early days of Alpha 2.6 now. While the game is coming together, it is a ways from release. Be ready to grin and bear glitches, odd UI behahavior, and crashes at inopportune moments. The other problem ATM, in my opinion, is that Alpha has a LOT of folks playing in a relatively limited set of spaces. This exaggerates the effect of griefers and PvP players using PVE players as targets. I have faith that as the release version approaches mid-year, these realtively minor issues will start to resolve.

    Salvage is planned, and a special ship for that has just been announced, and you can do it in a limited way by picking up space debris in the Yela system now. I would be happy to escort you on your runs as fighter cover. Between the NPC pirates and the PC criminal element it can be rough out in Yela.

    In game handle is Ryphael.

    Have fun, and happy-almost-new year.

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