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    Welcome to TOG Counter Strike​

    We are a group of Mature Gamers who enjoy a game of CS:GO without the immaturity found on some public servers.


    • Abusive Language, Swearing or Offensive/Racial names WILL NOT be tolerated, either in game chat or via in game voice communications.
    • Abusive, Offensive/Racial Weapon names, WILL NOT be tolerated.
    • Abusive, Offensive/Racial steam avatars, WILL NOT be tolerated.
    • Trolling, baiting & deliberately being disruptive, CAN result in a warning or temporary ban, further instances WILL result in further action being taken, including internal members whom will be referred to the TOG Administrative Team.
    • Deliberate Team Killing and Team Attacking WILL result in kick/ban.
    • Spawn camping and other killjoy type play WILL NOT be tolerated.
    • All Players must choose a name, using "unnamed", symbols, foreign language, etc. is not acceptable.You will be asked to choose an English Structured name, if you do not you WILL be removed.

    If you feel you have been unfairly treated in this process please contact the DC on our forum at www.theoldergamers.com and we will do our best to sort out the issues.

    Please be aware all activity is logged.

    Note to Visiting Clans:
    Constant infractions of our rules may result in the whole clan being banned.
    Please take some responsibility for the behaviour of your clan members when you play on our server.


    We currently have TWO CS:GO Servers

    TOG CS:GO #1 Casual
    TOG CS:GO #2 War Server
    During busy times you may be kicked if room is needed for TOG players


    If you enjoy playing on our servers and think you would like to become a full member of TOG please follow the link below. Remember you must be 25 or older to join.


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