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    This is the public forum for The Older Gamers (TOG)s' ArcheAge division.

    The division, and our ArcheAge Community Policies linked here, cover both legacy ArcheAge (released in 2014) and ArcheAge:Unchained (released in 2019).

    How do legacy ArcheAge (AA) and ArcheAge Unchained (AA:U) differ?

    The main areas of difference are below. The game version is the same.
    • Monetisation model: AA:U requires a one-time pack purchase; AA is free with an optional paid subscription (‘patron’) that unlocks benefits such as extra labour regeneration, property ownership etc
    • In-game cash shop: in AA:U, items are restricted and bound-on-pickup, cannot be re-sold for gold
    • AA:U restricts the number of accounts that can be purchased and played simultaneously on one PC; AA has no restriction on free accounts or multi-clienting – see official policy here
    • AA:U has a tiered battlepass system (Archepass) for weekly and seasonal quests and rewards; AA: has daily quests and rewards.
    A more detailed list of AA:U's features at release (compared to legacy ArcheAge) is available here.
    You may also be interested in reading Mmohuts interview with Gamigo’s Head of Development on their approach to AA:U here.

    Is there a free trial?

    Use the code AAU3DAYS for 72 hours' access to AAU through Glyph (not Steam), to try this version of the game (excludes labour regeneration). One trial per account, more details about the AAU free trial here. AA does not require a code.

    Can I join your in-game guild(s) or your Discord server?

    Players over 25 years old should follow the steps set out here to become full members of TOG, with access to private member-only forums and voice communications. If you are already a full TOG member please head over to the welcome thread in our ArcheAge TOG members' forum here, which contains guild invitation links and so on.

    Players under 25 years old are ineligible for full membership of The Older Gamers (TOG) Community but are encouraged to register on this forum and may join the in-game Guild at the relevant Guild Leader's discretion. If you are ineligible for full membership of the TOG Community but wish to play with friends/family who are full members, please contact the relevant Guild Leader (below).

    Non-members may also request temporary non-member access to TOG's Discord server, for example for a dungeon raid with our members, by contacting a leader or officer for the leadership team for the relevant game (below). The leader or officer approving your request must post in the Sponsored TOG Member Discord thread on TOG's Voice Communications forum. Such access will be temporary and restricted to non-member (unlocked) channels.

    ToG's AUP and other policies apply to everyone using a TOG service.

    Which server is TOG on?

    Our guilds are currently located on:-
    • Legacy (f2p) ArcheAge : North America cluster, Dochul server, West faction (Elf, Dwarf, or Nuian main character).
    • ArcheAge Unchained: North America cluster, Marmas server, also West faction.
    If you are already full member of the TOG community (see below) and you’ve created your main character as above, please head over to the members' forum and post on the sign up thread for AA:U here, or legacy/F2P AA here, or if you have any questions, contact one of the Guild Officers (below).

    If you're not already a full TOG member and you're interested in playing either of these games with TOG, please take a look at the TOG ArcheAge Community Policies here, which explains how to become a full member of the TOG Community, apply for access to our voice comms, and so on.

    Guild officer lists
    Note for returning players

    Returning players interested in trying what the game itself is like free of cost can use the Glyph launcher or Steam to install the legacy (free) version of ArcheAge. If you played ArcheAge on an original North American legacy server, your account & characters may still exist** but there is no account credit or transfer of items, accounts or characters between legacy ArcheAge (AA) servers and ArcheAge:Unchained (AA:U). If you want to play ArcheAge: Unchained after the 3 day free trial (see above) you will need to buy it either here or on Steam.

    *Your account may have been migrated to ‘Dochul’, if you started with TOG on the legacy North American servers Ollo, Conviction or Kadum; ‘Jakar’ if you started on the legacy European server Kyprosa; or 'Marmas' if you started on the Unchained server Wynn.

    Tips and info

    Both new and returning players will find helpful info (relevant to both games) on our public forum here

    ArcheAge - Useful info for new/returning members
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