what happened to warhammer?

Discussion in 'MMORPG Games: The Realms' started by solarbear88, Oct 14, 2010.

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    No, he waffles on like a spoilt redheaded stepchild in the comments of his blog too.

    So he had direction, but he simply didn't agree with it, ergo everyone else but him is stupid because he couldn't express himself by making "dance" animations. I'm sorry, but this guys is a douche. In his main post he mostly seemed to complain a lot about not being able to complain to the producer. Honestly, he's not really worth this much discussion IMO.

    As for the game releasing unfinished, who knows, but that kinda seems par for the course nowadays with MMOs as the budgets only stretch so far. Age of Conan, Champions Online ect, none of them were "finished" when they launched but the interesting and unique aspects of those games were generally much further along in development than anything else. I know AoC shipped with the devs all knowing full well it wasn't ready yet but they had to at least try and survive the first few months and get in enough money to start filling in the gaps and polishing everything up. Apparently it's quite a well rounded MMO now - I wouldn't know personally as I've never played it.
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    Actually, after reading what you posted he makes some great points. It would be great to see some of the darker images and compare them with the final images. As to him arguing everyone else is stupid Im certain he is pointing the finger at 1 individual and having watched some of video clips with that person he refers to I agree with the stupid comment.

    As to the $300 million comment I dont belive that and think that that is a rumor floating around the EAMythic offices. THat in it self is a bad sign. What Ive heard about the game does feel me with dread.

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    Funny I always thought that the biggest mistake artwise was the male elves not looking manly and the females not being curvy enough by comparison. Fix those 2 things and a lot more people would have rolled Order.

    NOT the game being too dark.

    Some of the other Mythic employees have posted more moderate agreements with Louse, so I reckon there is something to what he says.
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    Yeah I read about half way down and it took 2 hours. Some of the fanbois on both sides were cracking me up, but obviously there is a leadership issue at hand.
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    Ok, I stopped reading when he complained about not being allowed to "express" himself by making characters dance..

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    I'd agree, except for the inevitable shit-plosion that splits the guild, which haemorrhage's a bunch of good players and inevitably gets knocked back several pegs while they recruit, re-skill/equip and start over.
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    I thought the second post in the series, where EALouse picks out some other, less charged, comments from ex-Mythic employees painted the scene a lot better than EALouse.

    And another thing(s)… | EA Louse

    EDIT: And I supported the removal of dancing in this game. There's plenty of animated moods, such as /waaagh or /special, /dance just isn't one of them. It's supposed to be the end of the world after all. It wasn't the removal of anything, it was a deliberate design choice.
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    I beta tested Warhammer up until the last phase. As far as I could tell it was really unfinished looking and feeling and full of bugs. Others said so as well. Then one day I get an email that says If I don't log in before a certain date that had already passed I would not be part of the next phase because they were upgrading their system. From what I could tell most of the beta test group got the boot with this little oopsie that I guessed was not really an accident. :w

    I met Paul B and the lead dev at Pax that year. They were particularly rude only seeming to want to talk to very young men and boys. I wasnt really surprised though cause the year before my husband showed me a survey they sent to TMP [The Miniatures Page] , a forum for table top gamers, regarding potential player perspective for Warhammer [very early on at in its development]. We both took the survey and were promptly given a curt thank you and good bye after the first demographic questions, as soon as our age , or in my case I didn't even get that far as my gender was enough. There was some lengthy discussion on TMP afterward and pretty much agreed they were going to focus very strongly on a very young male player base.

    At any rate I didn't come off from the whole experience feeling like a lot of integrity was going on in that's games development. Its a shame too with such a rich story with long history to go off. I don't know how much influence Games Workshop may have had on the situation though, as they had snatched the project from another company [after that company had spent a bunch of money working on it] cause they wanted a quicker job. :?
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    I think what Ea louse said pretty much sums up ea and their development , There are a real hardcore corporate that make so many bonehead moves . They don't give their employees the respect they deserve.

    Ea doesn't give their studios the time they need to make a good quality game they force their devs to have a game finished based on the amount of revenue they have invested and then if they don't deliver by that date they will fire their most talented devs and replace them with guys who have no talent in their new fields.

    For Ea to make a good quality mmo they need to put aside their massive ego and leadership management incompetence and rehire the entire original mythic team that designed daoc .

    And they need to understand that good mmo's take time to make and also that their not going to receive all of the investment they put into their games over night .

    I mean look at daoc that game is still far better then war and mythic at the time was very small they had a very limited budget and yet while they made some bad mistakes they still made what many gamers consider the great fantasy pvp mmo of all time .

    To top it all off Ea is one of the biggest examples on why mmo's in the last 5 years have gone down the toilet it's because there are a lot of publishers who have big ego's that want to knock off wow from their throne . Games should be fun not about making huge billions of dollars .

    Heck look at Icarus and their fallen earth their a indie company and they've made a huge success . They don't have a publisher and yes they don't have a huge player base but what they have done is made a mmo that is not only innovative and pretty good but has proven that any indie company can be successful in making a game successful and doesn't need a publisher .

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