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  1. Pakrat

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    Gold Coast
    Hey All, looking at getting kids something for xmas ..well i will prob use it ..sigh!! lolz

    Xbox or PS3 and wherew are the good deals ?? live on the Gold Coast :) would appreciate thoughts and advise ta

  2. ozivillan

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    Feb 27, 2003
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    What are you looking for stand alone consoles or a bundle, older or newer models, or give us your max price and we will point you in the right direction, plenty of deals coming up in the run up to xmax
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    Kids....does Wii not get a look in?
  4. Ebonytears

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    Dec 12, 2009
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  5. Pakrat

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    Sep 18, 2009
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    Gold Coast
    thanx for the4 input so far - price is not a prob really 5-800 ?? whateva !! lol the kids already havea wii but the older boy wants to play some bigger games i suppose - i am leaning towards PS3 hmmm ....
  6. ozivillan

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    Feb 27, 2003
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    for a bundle this one XBOX 360 250GB Kinect Bundle | Harvey Norman Australia is hard to beat at the moment latest hardware from MS including the Kinect and 2 games, dance central is probably the best kinect game out there out the moment so will keep the younger kids happy along with Kinect adventures, and you older guys get to enjoy a good range of other titles :)
  7. Ancient_One

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    Sydney (Australia)
    What a great choice but I'm biased. :D

    Grand Tourismo 5 coming out soon. I think they have a pack.
  8. okkervil

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    Feb 18, 2009
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    Melbourne, AU
    I've got all three, and couldn't split either way.. Here's my pros and cons for all.

    Pros: Free online gaming. Excellent media playback w/ software like Nero MediaHome. Works with Bravia tv remotes. Doubles as a PVR w/ PlayTV. Brilliant sound definition, works amazingly well with a surround sound system. Amazing list of compatible devices; mice, headsets, keyboards, wheels, joysticks.. the lot. It's very, very quiet. Little Big Planet.

    Cons: Load times are very slow compared to xbox. Graphics aren't as good as the xbox. (can't work out why, considering it's theoretically got better hardware). The control is much lighter, and delicate that the xbox control. The triggers are just nasty. Very sloppy.

    Pros: Graphics & loads times vastly superior to PS3. Xbox Live is a much better service than Playstation Network/Store. More content, faster. Xbox control is much more versatile, better suited to racing & fps.

    Cons: Microsoft official accessories are required; wireless networking, steering wheel, joysticks etc. All of which are horrendously overpriced, and particularly in the wheel department, poor quality. Xbox Live costs you money! Sound performance is not nearly as good as it should be. Media playback is a clunky, inconsistent mess. Sometimes it works really well, others not at all. It's bloody noisy! Gives my PC a run for it's money in the noise stakes!

    Pros: It's cheap, and lots and lots of fun.
    Cons: No 1080p support, so it looks crappy on a good telly.
  9. Cindax

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    Feb 28, 2009
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    Melbourne, Australia
    What console do your (kids) friends have?
    Get the console that other people in your circle have and you greatly expand your game library and opportunity for sharing of both games and information.

    A pro for the xbox is that it has parent control rating lockout features (maybe ps3 does too)
    You can lock out certain game ratings.
    You can lock out certain video ratings (it is a dvd player too)
    You can lock out access to xbox live on your kids profile. (miltiplayer)
    You can lockout the creation xbox live profiles. (online profile)
    You can lock out the online marketplace. (game/video store)
    You can set a time limit on playing time.

    I cant remember how but you can set an age limit on the profile to prevent that account going online on a PC. eg: my daughters account cant login from a PC without me also entering my login details to authorise the log in.
  10. HanmaT

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    Sep 24, 2010
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    Central Coast NSW
    I have all 3 , deffinately the xbox is my pick . Online play is far superior no lag or dropouts like PS3 . And like ozivillan said Harvey Norman have a great deal which BTW I am going to update and get my son one today .


    ESIT : Ok I ran out to get this deal from HN and decided to look at Domayne on the way and guess what . Just as I thought it couldnt get any cheaper , Domayne have the 250gig Bundle for $438 !!
    Not long ago you couldnt even get an Elite for this !
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  11. Ace Rimsey

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    Jul 30, 2004
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    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Its rep is built on the default inclusion of a Blueray player as opposed to a DVD player in the on Wii and Xbox 360. So you can expect movies to be better.

    However if you want a gaming machine, the Xbox 360 is better as its usually high def progress game image unlike on the PS3 and definitely a cut above the Wii.

    If I had a choice to game, definitely go for the PC as Xbox 360 is PC lite in terms of its graphics is inferior to the latest PC graphics and game standard. Plus its much more comfy sitting in a chaiar lookiing at a 1900 x 1200 LCE panel than sitting back a couple of meters looking at a much lower res TV screen. Plus I find I can WASD and Mouse more efficiently than remembering to squeeze the different buttons on the 360 remote.

    The newer elite consoles have a lower power consumption and hence lower cooling and fan noise than the older models because the die shrink of same funcationality in a single smaller integrated chips reduces power consumption and hence cooling requirement.

    Same could be said about the new Sony PS3 Slim.

    The fun thing overrides the video quality problem. I have a Panasonic 32" Standard def progress widescreen CRT TV which is good enough.

    The key factor is there are heaps more shooter games and they are much cheaper than the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions and offer a far more social and casual experience than the two other consoles can.

    Because the controllers for the Wii can be picked up comparatively cheaper than the other two consoles, you will find that many people like me have upgraded to four wii remotes with nunchucks to allow up to four people to game simultaneously, locally in splitscreen mode. Plus free online game matching is offered.

    Plus because light and motion sensing is the norm for the Wii rather than a belated add on in the cases of the PS3 and Xbox 360, so light game style games are uncommon and expensive. I remember purchasing a Light gun for my old PS2 to play time crisis. I think PS3 only ever had time crisis 3 to use with their expensive dedicated gun.

    The list of multiplayer local cooperative gaming for the Wii is legendary.

    The best games for:
    two players simultaneously are
    House of the Dead
    Ghost Squad
    Mad Dog Macree
    The other resident evil games

    The best games for
    four player simulatenous gaming are:
    Goldeneye 007
    Ghost Squad Party Mod.

    Solo light gun games:
    Call of Duty Black Ops (just been released so don't know yet if its good)
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare reflex edition.
    Call of Duty World at War
    Resident evil 4.
    Sniper Elite
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (just been released so don't know yet if its good)

    This is only the tip of the iceberg with regards to light gun style first person shooters on the Wii.

    And nothing beats using an MP3 style Wii remote and nunchuk combo.

    Most awesome fun I have had outside a video arcade is playing Ghost squad with two people equipped with the MP5 controller.

    Wii TACTICAL MACHINE GUN (eBay item 150508252962 end time 17-Dec-10 11:26:13 AEDST) : Video Games
    at A$89.95 plus delivery of about $15 or free pick up if you can go to their warehouse in Burwood, Victoria.
    The version of the MP5 from Futurtronics in Burwood Vic is the same as this picture without the toy game orange tip.

    A Button - Reload / Action (ie. rifle but smash, open door) is on the front grip. the

    B Button
    - Fire is the spring loaded trigger.

    Two AA batteries are loaded via the removable Ammo clip.

    sneper gun wii en vente sur eBay.fr (fin le 04-nov.-10 20:58:17 Paris)
    I won this on ebay for 10.5 euros, so it ended up costing me a total of A$38.13 to get it delivered to me from France.

    It has a retail price of 40 euros, but some idiot sales assistant had cut open part of the packaging with a box cutter when cutting open the shipping card board container on a case of these Wii controller shells.

    So even though it was still sealed, it was sold as damaged stock to the guy who put it on ebay for me to pick up a bargain as a new Wii sniper gun.

    Its the same as the CTA Digital Wii Sniper Rifle shell they sell except its not toy game white with an orange toy game tip. Because its black all over its truly cooller looking accessory.
    The C and Z buttons on the nunchuk are accessible from two buttons located on the front of the clip and the the top face of the Wii remote is accessible when the lid is closed to hide away the cable from the nunchuk. There is plenty of roominside to also have a Wii Motion plus sensor plug in to be inserted.

    I have a black wii remote and a black nunchuk so it looks pretty impressive in a high gloss plastic look.

    If you are shopping for light gun shells, the only one I would caution you against buying is the Lock and Load Buckshot which at first glance is really cool. Who doesn't want to go terminator style room clearing using the underslide to reload shot gun shells.
    The problem is illusion trumps reality. This game shell is heavy, which makes it tiring to hold up for long. The nunchuk in the handle makes doing nunchuk moves that require shaking impossible. Plus the wii remote is completely enclosed so you can't access the + or minus buttons. After a while you get tired and if you don't fully cock the slide back, it fails to depress the A button and hence reload.

    So this gun shell REDUCES rather than improves your performance compared to a plain Wii remote or even a cheap Wii zapper style clone which is much lighter and has less fancy looks.

    It works OK on the rails shooters, but it still is heavy which you will notice if you play for long enough.

    The glossy red plastic finish screams gansta wannabe.

    I prefer the all black version of Komodo Buckshot Lock and Load sold by Big Ben Interactive in Europe. However, I am definitely going to wait until they revise the design to address the main short fall (ie. Wii Remote controls, weight, partial cocking reload).

    Hopefully Komodo will listen to the constructive criticism and redesign next year. They could do worse at looking at what CTA did on their sniper rifle to how to allow the full functionality of the Wii nunchunk and remote in a rifle shaped form factor.

    The new shotgun for the Cabela 2011 hunting game looks kewl too as it is a standardised design they plan to have on all three gaming platforms (Wii, PS3, Xbox 360) they plan to include the light sensing capability with the PS3 Xbox 360. They will look and handle the same.

    It doesn't suffer the same usability problems as the Komodo Buckshot lock and load. Much better access to controls with a better slide and lighter build

    Future tronics also sell the M16 shaped PS3 controller but its only a reshaped wireless controller not a true light game style play as on the Wii or the PS3 Time crisis with dedicated light gun. Its now obsolete given the Move has come out.
    Although I think the move gun looks like a stupid 50s sci fi ray gun.
    Although this other PS3 move gun shell from CTA Digital (The makers of the Wii Sniper) looks cooler but the glowing blue bulb at the end still looks dorky. (If it was red we could call it Rudolph the PS3 game gun).

    Hence in the end, I decided not to buy the PS3 for now even though I need something to replace the analogue tuner on my TV. Blueray disk playback and standard def digital with the option of 3D later does sound appealing.

    Xbox 360 is out of the running in my preference as I would clearly go multiplayer on the PC where you truly get massive player cooperation without the constraints of controllers, aging graphics hardware and general inferiority of the design compared to its PC counterpart.

    If you like First person shooters, especially light gun shooters, than the only choice is the Nintendo Wii. With the new Kinetic (Xbox 360) and Move (PS3) motion controllers out now for the other consoles, this picture may change. But they are playing catchup on the Wii which has had four years of player and developer support for these games.

    I think I have ample games to keep me going on both the PC and the Wii until the next gen of consoles.

    I predict the next consoles will all be full HD 1080p, Blueray playback and Digital TV tuner reception and huge terrabyte harddrives and an AMD graphics chip to give the best possible graphics at the lowest possible heat and noise levels.

    I say AMD cause I know NVidia shat itself because of bad design and overheating chips. It has now lost the graphics chip account for all the new Apple computers and laptops and is rapidly being depleted from other major sellers. Nvidia burned its bridges with Microsoft. Because its chip designs are so bad heat wise, they were on the risk of losing the high end graphics market. This was because the heat load meant graphics server farms using NVidia chips were exceeding the ability of the room airconditioning to keep cooling.

    - Keep toyguns indoor especially if they are all black coloured without the toy game colours of white and orange.

    One thing to note is the black weapons look the best because they are the most realistic looking.

    But you will find that most Wii game gun shells and controllers in the United States are sold with white plastic body and orange plastic tip covers on the muzzle.

    This is because in the American gun obessed culture, police do actually engage in fire fights with people armed with automatic handguns and assault rifles.

    Here is example of an american teenager with real guns who shot at police before they returned fire killing him
    Details emerge about teen killed in shootout with deputies :: WRAL.com

    The police can also shoot at you 20 times and hit you with 13 bullets, if you are armed with a deadly "Hair brush"!
    Police Shoot Unarmed 18-Year-Old Black Man in Brooklyn Twenty Times | PEEK | AlterNet

    In this kill or be killed culture, the american police have wounded and/or killed a child armed only with a toy gun (3 examples below).

    Police shoot boy playing 'cops and robbers' | World news | guardian.co.uk

    West Memphis boy's rights weren't violated when officer shot him, feds say The Commercial Appeal

    Toy gun wielding teen shot by police
    At a news conference following the shooting at suburban Orlando's Milwee Middle School, authorities put the toy gun side-by-side with a Beretta. It appeared to have black paint covering the red or pink markings on the muzzle that may have indicated to officers that it was a nonlethal weapon.

    Hence legislators in the US propose to ban realistic looking toy guns
    Ark. Senate OKs ban on sale of toy guns that look real | The Hinterland Gazette

    On the other side of the coin, the spraying real guns to make them look like toys.
    Is That a Real Gun Or a Toy? - ABC News

    Guys are not the only gun nuts
    Women Getting Trigger Happy - ABC News

    Even a video card box can look like a gun!
    XFX says BANG! with its new 5970 Gun card - Graphics Cards - Build - News - Atomic MPC
    But note they did add the tiny orange tip plug to tell people its a fake gun.

    Toy gun play for Children is an important of their development
    Why boys should be allowed to play with toy guns | Mail Online

    [SIZE=+1]ANTI-VIOLENCE CAMPAIGN International Health & Epidemiology Research Center[/SIZE]

    Toy Gun
    Clue. Look carefully at the trigger on all the guns.

    Finally a study on Guns Safety and youth by the U-M C.S. Mott Children's Hospital
    Gun Safety for Kids and Youth: Your Child: University of Michigan Health System

    So common sense MUST rule here, DO NOT CARRY OR LET YOUR CHILDREN CARRY OUTSIDE any all black coloured toy Wii light gun around on the streets.

    Banning toy guns is an over reaction.

    All parents must teach their children the risks of toy gun play can lead to tragic results.

    The Australian police are not as trigger happy as the american law enforcers but mistakes can happen. The Queensland police can be no less trigger happy if they think you are packing an automatic weapon in a crowded public place.

    Bottom line

    Until I exhaust the games on my PC for solo gaming and my Wii for social gaming, buying another console either PS3 or Xbox 360 is asking to get another dust collector which will be hardly used.

    For the same money, you could buy a great christmas present consisting of couple of the custom MP5 light guns and/or a shotgun or sniper shell for the wii plus a swag of best Nintendo Wii light gun style games [ie. Call of Duty Black ops, Goldeneye 007, House of the Dead Overkill, Ghost Squad (its old but a classic)] so all the kids and their friends can play cooperative and simultaneously.

    Its also heaps of fun for adults after you have had a few cold beers after the backyard barbie. Retire inside to local, multiplayer cooperative light gun mayhem. So don't rule out some casual gaming fun for you and your adult mates when you guys are not gaming on your PCs.

    Eventually the new game consoles will be out and you can upgrade to something akin to the PC. At the moment you are buying cost reduced hardware from the previous generation of consoles. Its like buying a PS1 when the PS2 just came out. Cheap end of life junk.

    If your older son wants the best solo gaming experience, direct him to the PC while you and the rest of your family unload on some zombies with your MP5s on the Wii.
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