When old is just TOO old

Discussion in 'Games Talk' started by Bawheidbob, Sep 20, 2009.

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    Hello Folks

    Not really sure what i want to say here so forgive my short ramble.

    As some of you may know i have recently made my way through GTA IV a great experience in my gaming life.

    I had played previous GTA games but not Vice City or San Andreas, after checking them out i could see people still raving about them even today. I jamp on ebay and bought them.....

    I have to say this is where the topic comes in they were to me bad pas there time, now prehaps this is just a bad case of coming of next gen and going back but i could not bring myself to play them though i did try.

    I am just thinking is the PS2/Xbox getting just too old now or are some games still holding up, i ask because i am getting a 360 today and have old copies of Halo which i have never played sitting waiting, any thoughts beforehand if i am going to be just as miffed playing these old titles.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this topic, games that are old or games that live up till this day.

    Kinda aimless thoughts and rambles over for now

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    Some games hold up, I think older PC games are often a lot more playable due to the fact you can max out the AA and AF setting to at least improve the graphics somewhat.

    Then again I still break out Doom for some multiplayer and I love my Mame Roms. :)
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    I've been thinking about adding a small LCD-screen to a PS2, then maybe using some batteries to power the thing.

    Might happen next spring or something like that. Old games are definetely playable and extremely enjoyable, but then the video processing is a bit outdated. This gen looks a lot better on a SD TV than the previous gen. On the other hand HD must look better after NTSC., but not so whoppingly good after European PAL, and the old Australian system was better than EU PAL.

    It's still only 720p, the so called HD, or in a lot of cases less, what a current gen consoles produce. Only use I find is that text is a bit sharper and well it's a bit better, upscaling can be good too, but not worth all the hype.

    So I thought a small display attached to a PS2 could do the trick. Smaller can be prettier. Does anyone here have some experience with that kind of things?

    King Rocket, it is true PC can be more powerful, but some people here have made their career with CG and does not want to tweak or adjust settings a lot at home. Me too accidentally once slept through such education and found a paper from my table next day. And it was not my career.

    A note to moderators, this is not illegal modding, and one can buy such screens to a PS2 as accessories, it does not give any advantage or compromise game play.
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