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Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by z3roCoo1, May 9, 2018.

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    May 9, 2018
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    So...bio I guess would be a good start.
    • 37, male, UK
    • Occupation: Network Engineer
    • Married, 3 kids (4, 8, 11)
    What am I playing right now?
    • Beat Saber (Rift)
    • PUBG (Xbox)
    • Civ 5 (PC)
    What else do I play?
    • COD (zombies only & Xbox)
    • Star Wars Battlefront (Xbox)
    What could I play? (given a good group to game with)
    • Minecraft, Space Engineers, Worlds Adrift, more VR, Neverwinter & Elder Scrolls (xbox)
    What am I looking forward to play?
    • Chronicles of Elyria (a post from MalevolentFiend is how I ended up here!)
    • Crackdown 3
    • Anthem
    • Red Dead...maybe

    Really excited about game like CoE & Worlds adrift, I'm a big geek so emerging tech like Spatial OS (they should have called it the Improbable Engine) and more advanced AI in games really floats my boat, you hear they have AI designing new DOOM levels now?

    I bought a PC mainly for VR but part of me would like to get more into PC shooters and definitely third person games like Witcher & Far Cry; to prepare myself for CoE when it releases in a couple of years! Master race, eh? Or does that discussion fall into the 'religious debates' from the 'Forum, Game Server & Communications Guidelines'?

    Anyways I guess I'm just hoping to expand my friends list from people I actually see week to week and get into some more PC gaming but never forgetting my console roots.
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    I read Rift and that got you in, we have a VR specific forum in the Laboratory for that goodness :)

    Welcome to The Older Gamers community for those who are 25+ and have a passion for gaming. Your application has been reviewed and approved.
    You may now access all aspects of the TOG Service including:

    • TOG member community forums
    • TOG member communications servers
    • TOG member game Divisions
    Drop by the Lounge to say hello, join a discussion or simply lurk. Feel free to ask any questions.
    Visit the Voice Communications forum for instructions on joining our Discord Server.
    Browse through the vast array of gaming Divisions to familiarise yourself with the games and cultures. Each can be very different. In each Division you should find instructions on joining other TOG members in game.
    Join our STEAM Group or Facebook page. Spend some time to check out the forum functions such as user profiles and private messages at the top right corner of the forum. Maybe view site leaders under the Quick Links tab.
    We hope you enjoy the TOG community. Please spread the message to your friends and family who are also interested in gaming.

    All the best!

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