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    Wildstar has been reloaded and is now free-to-play! The changes have seen a recent resurgence in interest and the revival of the Wildstar division in TOG.

    Changes include:

    Cosmic Rewards
    Any real world money ever spent on Wildstar, in the past or in the future, awards you with points in the new Cosmic Reward System – unlocking bonuses, benefits and cosmetic items…

    Combat Stat Revamp
    The convoluted stat system has been “revamped and made more clearer in name and function”…

    Early Game Improvements
    Characters creation, starting tutorial and initial levelling experience have been completely redone…

    Crafting Improvements
    The previously some what convoluted crafting process has been simplified…

    Improving Runes
    The equipment modifiers have been simplified and made more accessible to all levels of players…

    Making Life Easier
    Alongside the balance and systems changes, a few new “quality of life” improvements have been added to make the game more enjoyable…

    Bonus Events
    Bonus events will be rolling out until the end of the year … and beyond. Including faster levelling, PVP and much more…

    Alpha Sanctum
    A new level 15 single player instance that prologues the games world story…

    Small cracks in the ground that you might discover while journeying through Nexus, they offer rewards for digging them up…

    There are also login incentives, last chance lock boxes, streamlined dungeons, world bosses and much, much more!

    So why not setup your free account now … what’s stopping you cupcake?!
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