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    If you own a Switch and you don't have this game you're doing yourself a disservice.

    Combat may feel slow to start with but gets better as you go along. Auto-attack builds energy for the use of Arts which builds energy for the use of Specials. This becomes quite the tactical and strategic game in later stages. Knowing when to use different arts and when to hold off becomes important. Using them correctly will get you really good combos.

    Story line is nice and engaging.

    Whoever designed the main female character took her chest slider and pushed it aaallllll the way to the very end, which can be distracting, especially when she sits her hands on top of them.

    Good variety of Blades so you can build different combinations and set your character up to be whatever you want.

    This is taking up quite alot of my time at the moment. I play it in handheld mode so, when the battery is low I am forced to stop :p
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