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    I went on your server and was pretty unhappy with everything. The constant admin spamming messages clogging up the side of my screen, the constant teamkilling and nothing happening about it, not to mention the vulgar language and terrible camping in most maps.

    I would think with a server that spams down the right side of each persons screen every two minutes; "Teamkilling will get you banned" yet nobody got banned and I saw people intentionally go and teamkill players...

    I just thought I'd come on here and voice what was going on, even though there were nearly 15+ TOG players in the server at the time, not one cared about the vulgar language... Usually I don't care and will swear in global chat, but when it specifically advertises on the server; "Swearing/Abuse will not be tolerated" I'd think to see some type of admining.

    Other than that your server was great, good ping etc..


    PS: Also, your TOG guys camp a lot :/ with noob weapons too :/
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    The PB messages are there to inform players of how to join TOG and what are the server rules, this will not change. I do however agree the chat box needs some work from DICE to make it less intrusive.

    If you notice anyone breaking server rules please ask for an admin in game chat or submit any evidence to us for investigation, contact details in this thread.

    Our admins are there to make sure the rules are adhered to but this may have been a time when none were available.
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    Although not an excuse, we've had a large influx of new TOG'ers recently as well. Many people are new to the game, including TOG'ers.

    Also when someone is kicked for offending the rules the admin doesn't advertise the fact. So a lot of the time they will just appear to have left.

    Sometimes you might find a TOG'er "camping" because he's afk talking to an admin. So you may have to be a bit patient with these kinds of things. As C4 mentions also, there are times when there may be few admins around and so it can take a little while for them check things out.

    Anyway, hope your next experience is a better one. See you out there. :)
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